ICC T20 World Cup: Where To Watch The T20 WC In Dubai, UAE?

The news of the 2021 Twenty20 World Cup for men has thrilled fans and cricketers alike. The tournaments will start on 17th October. Then, the finals will be held on 14th November. Initially, India was the preferred location, but that changed due to the rise of the pandemic. Finally, the ICC decided to relocate the World Cup to the UAE and Oman. Stick around to learn where to watch all the cricketing action because this is one of the most epic cricket events.

Broadcasting channels for Indian fans

  • Satellite
  • Star Sports Network.
  • Dish Home.
  • Dish TV.
  • DD Free Dish.
  • Big TV.
  • Airtel Digital TV.
  • Tata Sky.
  • SUN Direct.
  • Cable
  • Asianet Digital.
  • Hathway.
  • Kerala Vision Digital TV.
  • Live stream channels
  • Insidesport.co.
  • Disney+ Hotstar.
  • T20 World Cup Teams

16 teams have qualified for the tournament. These teams will play 42 matches in the World Cup. Let’s have a look at the diverse nationalities that the teams represent:

  • India.
  • Australia.
  • New Zealand.
  • Pakistan.
  • South Africa.
  • Scotland.
  • Papua New Guinea.
  • Ireland.
  • The Netherlands.
  • Namibia.
  • Afghanistan.
  • West Indies.
  • Bangladesh.
  • Sri Lanka.
  • The UAE
  • Oman

T20 matches schedule

Note that the following tournament periods are in Indian Standard Time (IST).

First Round

October 17: 2 PM- Papua New Guinea vs. Oman. 

6 PM- Scotland vs. Bangladesh.

October 18: 2 PM- The Netherlands vs. Ireland.

6 PM- Namibia vs. Sri Lanka.

October 19: 2 PM- Papua New Guinea vs. Scotland.

6 PM- Bangladesh vs. Oman.

October 20: 2 PM- The Netherlands vs. Namibia.

6 PM- Ireland vs. Sri Lanka.

October 21: 2 PM- Papua New Guinea vs. Bangladesh.

6 PM IST- Scotland vs. Oman.

October 22: 2 PM- Ireland vs. Namibia.

6 PM- The Netherlands vs. Sri Lanka.

Super 12s

October 23: 2 PM- South Africa vs. Australia.

6 PM- West Indies vs. England.

October 24: 2 PM- A1 vs. B2.

6 PM- Pakistan vs. India.

October 25: 2 PM- B1 vs. Afghanistan.

October 26: 2 PM- West Indies vs. South Africa.

6 PM- New Zealand vs. Pakistan.

October 27: 2 PM- B2 vs. England.

6 PM- A2 vs. B1.

October 28: 6 PM- A1 vs. Australia.

October 29: 2 PM- B2 vs. West Indies.

6 PM- Afghanistan vs. Pakistan.

October 30: 2 PM- A1 vs. South Africa.

6 PM- England vs. Australia.

October 31: 2 PM- A2 vs. Afghanistan.

6 PM- New Zealand vs. India.

November 1: 6 PM- A1 vs. England.

November 2: 2 PM- B2 vs. South Africa.

6 PM- A2 vs. Pakistan.

November 3: 2 PM- B1 vs. New Zealand.

6 PM- Afghanistan vs. India.

November 4: 2 PM- B2 vs. Australia.

6 PM- A1 vs. West Indies.

November 5: 2 PM- A2 vs. New Zealand.

6 PM- B1 vs. India.

November 6: 2 PM- West Indies vs. Australia.

6 PM- South Africa vs. England.

November 7: 2 PM- Afghanistan vs. New Zealand.

6 PM- B1 vs. Pakistan.

November 8: 6 PM- A2 vs. India.

Knockout Round

November 10: 6 PM- B2 vs. A1 (Semi-final).

November 11: 6 PM- A2 vs. B1 (Semi-final).

November 14: 6 PM- (Final).

Despite the social distancing measures that limit the movements of fans into stadiums, there’s an even better solution. What’s more comfortable than streaming the T20 World Cup matches in the comfort of your own home? High resolutions and an action-packed tournament are what we’re all anticipating.

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