The Indian Premier League 2021: All Team Coaches & Their Hefty Salaries

Being a coach of a cricket team comes with different responsibilities. The coach’s work is to ensure that the team moves forward and to mentor the team as well. The bigger the group, the more responsibilities the coach has to deal with. In the Indian Premier League, there are eight teams of cricket, hence eight coaches. Each team has a total number of 20 players.

Trevor Bayliss

He is the coach of Sunrisers Hyderabad. He was selected when the Indian Premier League 2020 was almost starting. His CV is quite outstanding for a coach. In 2015, he and Eoin Morgan were able to pull England out of trouble and led them to the World Cup victory. Before working with Sunrises Hyderabad, Bayliss worked with Gautam Gambhir, where they won the Kolkata Knight Riders victories in 2012 and 2014. His contract is worth INR 2.25 crores.

Mahela Jayawardene

He coaches the Mumbai Indians. However, the history of Mumbai Indians states that they won many IPL titles in the past. The need to keep up with such a reputation must have put a lot of pressure on Mahela. So far, he hasn’t been disappointed yet because the team has won three IPL titles in the past four seasons. His salary is INR 2.30 crores.

Trevor Penney

Penney is the assistant coach of the Rajasthan Royals. They parted way with Andrew McDonald, who was the head coach. Their separation happened after their team finished at the bottom position in the last season. However, after this split, the team did not appoint the head coach to take McDonald’s. His salary is INR 3.4 cores.

Brendon McCullum

He took over from Jacques Kallis as the head coach of Kolkata Knight Riders. However, he has had a difficult time handling the team. With his salary reading at INR 3.4 cores, Brendon will need a significant breakthrough in the Kolkata Knight Riders pints. That is if he wants to retain his position till next season.

Ricky Ponting

He is the head coach of the Delhi Capitals. He had sown some incredible improve from when he first took over Delhi Capitals in 2018. He has managed to encourage success in his team players, giving them victory after victory. In IPL 2021, the Capitals have managed to reach the top winning six matches out of eight. He is paid a salary of INR 3.5 cores.

 Stephen Fleming

He has coached Chennai Super Kings for all the seasons they have won the three IPL titles and two Champions League. He has been their coach since 2009. The Kings is currently paying him INR 3.5 cores for his services.

Simon Katich

He has coached the Royal Challengers Bangalore since 2013. The team is not stable enough as it has had three different coaches in the past four seasons. They managed to reach the RCB in the last season for the first time since 2016. He will still be remaining in the team, which is paying him INR 4 cores for his services.

Anil Kumble

He is the current coach of Punjab Kings. Punjab has had nine different coaches in their history of sports. In addition, they don’t have a single trophy from all the IPL tournaments they have participated in. Appointed ahead of the 2020 IPL games, Kumble is being paid INR 4 cores for his duties.

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