UEFA Champions League Final 2021: Odds, Picks and Predictions for the Final Day

The UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) Champions League refers to a European club competition between Europe’s top-flight leagues’ champions and many runners up from specific countries. Bayern Munich won the championship last season. We are yet to see who wins the upcoming season. Avid bettors have plenty of time to place their bets before matches start.

Read more about the odds, picks and predictions for the final day of UEFA Champions League 2021.

Chelsea vs Manchester City at UEFA Champions Finals 2021

Chelsea will face Manchester City in the 66th European Cup Finals. While Chelsea has already lifted the trophy twice, Manchester is in the finals for the first time. The final match is scheduled to be conducted at the Estadio do Dragao home of FC Porto on 29th May (Saturday).

Odds and Picks

Manchester City, the winners of the Premier League, are the odds-
on favourite to win the Champions League against Chelsea this season. The team played brilliantly in both legs of the semi-final match with Paris Saint Germain. Phil Foden, the popular England midfielder stole the show several times.

Chelsea has now got yet another chance to win for the third time in history. They had a great victory against Real Madrid in the semi finals. Having beaten Manchester City in the Premier League and the FA Cup in the last six weeks, they are now confidently heading into the battle.

Here are some odds for the final match of Chelsea vs Manchester City:

  • Chelsea vs Manchester City Spread: Manchester City – 0.5
  • Mac City Over-Under: 2.5 goals
  • Chelsea vs Man City Money line: Chelsea – +230, Manchester City – 110, Draw- +230
  • CHE: There’s a 90.6 save percentage for Edouard Mendy in the twelve UCL matches
  • CITY: The tournament lead is likely to be Phil Foden with seventeen shots fixed as the target.

Chelsea has 13/8 to win the League with the opponent Manchester City having 4/9 to lift the trophy.

According to books, Manchester City has a clear edge (in the range of -250 to win the cup and -115 for victory in regulation). After all, they are the ruling champions of the English Premier League and regarded to be the world’s best team. On the other hand, Chelsea had a poor start to this season and also went through a lot of stumbles. Considering that, they lack the same kind of standing they had before. However, that doesn’t mean the finals will not be a tough competition.

Manchester City or Chelsea: Who Scores First?

If you take into account the thesis of low scores and combine that with the individual team records when they score first, then you can find an evident betting angle. This season, when Chelsea scored first in all competitions, they have to their credit seventeen wins with just a single draw and a single loss. On the other hand, Man City has won a whopping 41 games of the 45 games in which they score first.We can safely say that the way it is in most of the finals, the first goal will be huge. When these teams took the lead over the past 20 Champions League finals, here’s how they fared:

  • 12 wins
  • 5 draws
  • 2 losses

At the time of writing this post, you can even now get additional money on these teams scoring first and winning. if you are the kind of bettor who believes in trends, you can consider playing both sides and making it big.

To Score First and Win:

  • Manchester City: +106
  • Chelsea: +380

Manchester City vs. Chelsea Predictions

Some of the best performances of Chelsea this season have been when they were not the ones who had to break down the rivals or make the game. They can make it their game against Man City and choose their moments to impose damage in the changeover. Man City is the world’s best team for playing the best soccer. The first trophy in the Champions League would simply be a reward. However, in the finals that stretch up to 1.5 hours, they will require the key bounces to go their way, which is never guaranteed. It would be a great bet if you spread money on both sides. You can even consider rolling the dice on a double chance for Chelsea (win and draw in regulation) at -106.The Champions League Finals of 2021 is very fascinating in several aspects with two English heavyweights, the quest of Man City for its first-ever Champions League, two of Chelsea’s recent victories against Manchester City, and two of the highly expensive teams, and two elite managers on the clash – finally, not to miss out on America’s best-ever players on the world’s biggest club stage. Let’s wait to watch out which team performs the better out of the two and lifts the trophy in all its glory.

Stay tuned for more information on the match that will be played on Saturday!


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