2021 Men’s T20 World Cup Teams

The International Cricket Council (ICC) Men’s T20 World Cup 2021 will be the 7th World Cup in the history of T20 cricket. The schedules have been made, teams selected, and the announcements made as to where the tournament will be held. From the initial reports, the 2021 T20 World Cup was supposed to be held in Australia from 18th October to 15th November 2020. However, in July, the ICC made changes and confirmed that the mega event would take place in 2021. The adjustments were due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are the Men’s teams for the tournament.

2021 T20 World Cup

The International Cricket Council has made the final decisions about the hosting country of the Men’s T20 World Cup. In addition, they have made it clear that the BCCI will always be the body in charge no matter where the tournaments are held.

The COVID-19 pandemic situation has led to the Indian Premier League being shifted to the United Arab Emirates. Regardless of where the tournament will be, the BCCI will still be the host, and the final venue has also been decided. ICC has made the necessary confirmations for the teams, and the fans as well. 

In April 2018, a decision was made, and the announcement was also clear enough. The T20 World Cup 2021 will be replacing the Champions Trophy 2021, taking place in 2022 in Australia.

 2021 T20 World Cup Men’s Teams

There will be 16 teams participating in the T20 World Cup this year. The teams are the same as the teams that qualified for the T20 World Cup 2020. The qualifications were based on the team’s rankings, and their qualifying matches. The teams include;

  1. Pakistan
  2. England
  3. India
  4. Australia
  5. West Indies
  6. South Africa
  7. New Zealand
  8. Bangladesh
  9. Afghanistan
  10. Sri Lanka
  11. Ireland
  12. Netherlands
  13. Papua New Guinea
  14. Oman
  15. Namibia
  16. Scotland

The top eight teams were drafted from the Super 12, forming the second round of the games. The remaining eight teams will be playing in Round 1, which will give them the qualifications for the Super 12 stage. The remaining eight teams are further divided into two groups: Group A and Group B, and there are four teams in each group.

The Preliminary Round

Round 1 is the preliminary round consisting of four Group A teams: Ireland, Sri Lanka, Netherlands, and Namibia. The teams which will finish first and second in this group will be the qualifiers for the Super 12 stage. The number one team will be moved to Group 1 while the team in the second position will be moved to Group 2. 

Group B consists of four teams: Oman, Bangladesh, Scotland, and Papua New Guinea. The teams that finish as the first and second will be the qualifiers for the Super 12. The number one team will be moved to Group 2, while the second position team will be moved to Group 1 of the Super 12 stage.

T20 Men’s World Cup Previous Winners

In 2007, India took home the World Cup Trophy, and in the following tournament year, they were beaten by Pakistan, who took the trophy home in 2009. In 2010, England broke the silence, followed by West Indies in 2012. Sri Lanka made a run for the trophy in 2014, and in 2016, West Indies took it back again.

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