New Home Jerseys For 2021 Calvary FC Canadian Premier League Campaign

Calvary FC has managed to get themselves a new home jersey for the 2021 Canadian Premier League campaign. Calvary superstars spotted a top that is inspired by Fort Calgary. The top features Colonel James Macleod on the front, and on the back, there is the fort’s wall.

The new home jersey has the usual Calgary red with white highlights accents. The sponsor WestJet is printed across the front of the shirt. There are hints of green on the collar, waist cuffs, and sleeve. The new jersey has a classic look, plus the solid red color and the subtle Colonel McLeod embedded. The team shared the photos and videos of their new jersey via their social media handles.

The new home jersey for 2021 CPL campaigns had the following caption;” Fort Calgary, built at the Confluence of the Bow and Elbow rivers, has served as a gathering place for a long time. Today, it is a symbol of our shared histories, coming together, culture, trade, and inclusivity. We honor our complex history and invite all fans to come together in the spirit of inclusivity, friendship, respect, and competition.”

Calvary reveals new home jerseys with eye-catching detail, that is, the motto printed under the collar stating.” We are MANY. We are ONE.” The new home jersey has a homey feeling giving homage to where the team has come from. However, their last year’s black Jersey remains to be the road jerseys for the Calvary team.

The new Calvary home jersey was revealed on 7th June this year with a unique design with developed high-quality customs. The distinctive looks give it excellent professional features with enhanced exciting graphics.

On the front of the jersey, there is a print of Colonel James Macleod. He is a commissioner of northwest Mounted Police, also known as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police precursor. He is the one who came up with the idea to name the team Fort Calgary. The outpost would eventually be known as the city of Calgary. The CPL is expected to start the 2021 campaign featuring all eight clubs from 26th June to 24th July.

Conclusively, with the 2020 season gone, the teams will be representing their communities in the oncoming Canadian Premier League 2021 campaigns. While attending the campaign, the Cavalry teams will be wearing new jerseys manufactured by Macron.

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