Winner’s Layout – WWT Youth Star Contender Lisbon 2021

The entire month of September is full of entertainment for Table Tennis enthusiasts. Next in the realm of table tennis tournaments comes the tournament held recently in Portugal. The WWT Youth Star Contender Lisbon 2021 was played in the capital of Portugal, Lisbon. 

The tournament commenced on the 18th of September and came to and end on the 22nd of the month. The tournament for five days was split up into various girls and boys competitions. The matches were played in 2 age categories; Under 19 and 15, respectively. Further, numerous participants played their singles and doubles on the defined durations. 

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Altogether the WWT Star Contender Lisbon had eight slots:

  1. U-19 Boy’s Singles 
  2. U-19 Boy’s Doubles 
  3. U-19 Girl’s Singles
  4. U-19 Girl’s Doubles 
  5. U-15 Boy’s Singles
  6. U-15 Boy’s Doubles 
  7. U-15 Girl’s Singles 
  8. U-15 Girl’s Doubles

Below are the categories and the number of entries for each type of match:

Gender Category Type of Match Number of Entries 
Boys U-15 Singles 32
U-15 Doubles 14 (pairs)
U-19 Singles 32
U-19 Doubles 13 (pairs)
Girls U-15 Singles  26
U-15 Doubles  10 (pairs)
U-19 Singles  32
U-19 Doubles  13 (pairs)


Young players from all corners of the globe appeared in the WWT Youth Star Contender Lisbon and represented their countries. The various categories of Singles were further split into various groups for the smooth conduct of the event. 

Gender Category and type of match Number of Groups 
Boys U-15, Singles  08
U-19, Singles 08
Girls U-15, Singles  08
U-19, Singles  08


The WWT Youth Star Contender Lisbon began on the 18th of September, and for the next five days, the series of matches in Lisbon continued.  All the participants gave their best and thrived on being the winner. All of them showcased their skills and represented their nation with commitment. Finals for various categories were conducted on specific dates in the five-day tournament. 

WWT Youth Star Contender Lisbon, Results (Finals)

Below are the results of the Finals of WWT Youth Star Contender Lisbon, the name of the winner/winners, along with the country they represented. 

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Gender Category  Type of Match Winner/ Winners  Country
Boys U-15 Singles Stepan Brhel Czech Republic 
U-15 Doubles Lleyton Ullmann &

Daniel Berzosa

Germany & Spain


U-19 Singles Felix Lebrun France
U-19 Doubles Alexis Kouraichi & Felix Lebrun France
Girls U-15 Singles Hana Goda Egypt
U-15 Doubles Gaetane Bled & Leana Hochart  France
U-19 Singles  Camille Lutz France
U-19 Doubles Camille Lutz & Charlotte Lutz France


Twelve young winners represented their countries and played with utmost dedication and co-operation. They became the inspiration for their subordinates and brought back along with them the conquest. Other players who could not make it to the finals or lost in the finals learnt a lot, and this learning will bring out a fine athlete shortly. WWT Youth Star Contender Lisbon ended on 22nd, but the fire impact it left on the participants will fuel them to become a better edition of themselves. 

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