World Table Tennis Youth Star Contender 2021: Starting date, schedule, event venue or more

The Table Tennis calendar is on the verge of a change. Now the ITTF WJC (World Junior Circuit) is giving way to a new system, WTT (World Table Tennis) Youth Series. Together with its senior equivalent, the WTT Series, the new system would nurture talent and allow for players’ smooth transition, from grassroots to the international level. The Youth Series features two tiers – Youth Contender and Youth Star Contender, each featuring U-11, U-13, U-15, U-17, and U-19 age categories. The inaugural event will feature Singles and Doubles but no Mixed Doubles.

WTT Youth Star Contenders: 

The WTT Youth Contenders is a series of 30 events, where upcoming paddlers in various age categories would compete for the world ranking points. The top performers in the WTT Youth Contenders would feature in the WTT Youth Star Contenders, the next stage in their evolution journey. The WTT Youth Star Contenders is also a series of events that would be hosted across multiple cities by the local organizing committees.  The first of the events is scheduled for May 18, 2021 at Tunis, while the concluding one starts on 19 Oct 2021 in Wladyslawowo, Poland.

Table 1: Schedule for the inaugural WTT Youth Star Contenders

Venue Event start Event end Girls events start / end Boys events start / end Prize fund
Tunis, Tunisia 18 May 2021 22 May 2021 18 – 21 May 19 – 22 May $17,000
Otočec, Slovenia 15 June 2021 19 June 2021 15 – 18 June 16 – 19 June $17,000
TBC 10 Aug 2021 14 Aug 2021 10 – 13 Aug 11 – 14 Aug TBC
Lisbon, Portugal 21 Sep 2021 25 Sep 2021 21 – 24 Sep 22 – 24 Sep $17,000
Wladyslawowo, Poland  19 Oct 2021 23 Oct 2021 19 – 22 Oct 20 – 23 Oct $17,000

Prize Money:

The new system ensures a higher prize fund for “high-level event production”. The apex TT body, WTT will bear the purse and production costs, drawing money from the organizing committees.

Table 2: The WTT Youth Star Contenders Prize Money 

Event Winner Runners Up Semi-finalists (2)
U15 Singles $1,000 $ 500 $ 250
U19 Singles $2,000 $1,000 $ 500
U15 Doubles $ 200 $ 100 $ 50
U19 Doubles $ 300 $ 150 $ 75
U15 Mixed Doubles $ 200 $ 100 $ 50
U19 Mixed Doubles $ 300 $ 150 $ 75

Change in Rules:

With a new system in place, a new set of rules will be applicable. The sport is all set to go more vibrant and multi-hued with paddlers now free to endorse a variety of colours on their paddle rubbers. Previously, paddle rubbers were mandatorily black or red. Another profound change related to the game – earlier, the best-of-seven was the norm in league matches, which would be replaced by best-of-five. However, the best-of-seven will still apply to semis and finals.

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