Turkish F1 Race Weekend Details

Last year the Turkish Grand Prix made an exciting comeback to the F1 calendar, and 2021 can’t get much better. The 16th round of the 2021 F1 season will take place in Turkey at the Intercity Istanbul Park. This year’s Formula 1 season has seen some of the best track moments, with Lewis Hamilton and Max Peterson facing off in one of the most controversial and contested F1 duels.

The Russian Grand Prix was eventful, with Lewis Hamilton taking the lead against Landor Norris in rainy weather and a wet circuit. McLaren was on the way to win two successive races but eventually missed, and that was a heartbreaking moment.

When will the race start?

The 16th Formula One round of the 2021 season will start from 8th October and end on 10th October. The first and second practices will take place on Friday, followed by the third practice and qualifying round on Saturday. The final race will be the Grand Prix itself that will be held on Sunday.

The first practice will kick off at 9.30 am, and the second practice at 1 pm. The final practice will be held on Saturday at 10 am. The practice sessions will run for only one hour. The qualifying will begin at 1 pm, and the much-awaited race will be on Sunday at 1 pm.

TV channels to air the sport

The UK has issued near-exclusive live coverage rights to Sky Sports F1 for this year and the oncoming ones. We, therefore, expect Sky Sports excellent team to provide the best coverage for fans across the world. The first and second practices will not be covered, but the qualifying coverage is set for Saturday at noon and the Grand Prix Coverage will begin at 11.30 am on Sunday.

Will fans be in Attendance?

Even though the Turkish Grand Prix Return of 2020 was held behind closed doors, this year will be different because fans will attend. The venue, Istanbul Park, has a capacity of over 200,000 people, which is the biggest spectator capacity of all Formula One circuits for the 2021 season. The official tickets for the Turkish Grand Prix 2021 are on sale, and fans can buy Silver 2 grandstand seating, the starter ticket package, Trophy Ticket Packages for eight silver grandstands, and the Platinum Main Grandstand, also known as Hero Ticket Packages.

Circuit Details

The Istanbul Park circuit is 5.338Kms long, and it hosted its first Grand Prix in 2005. One of the modern circuits has 14 corners, including the well-known Turn 8 corner, which has four apexes. Several impressive Grand Prix races have been held in this park, including Juan Pablo Montoya’s 2005 record win of 1.24.770.

Istanbul Park Weather

Now that the Russian GP is over, fans are looking forward to more exciting action in the Turkish Grand Prix. The race held in Sochi was affected by rain at the closing stages, possibly affecting the results. Since last year’s Turkish GP was also marred by rain, fans wonder if the same will happen this time. The weather forecast expects temperatures of 21°C, 40% precipitation, 62% Humidity, and speed winds of 20mph. This means that we can expect some excellent performances from the drivers.

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