Lovlina’s Medal-Winning Olympics Campaign Gets Her Village In Assam A New Road

The medal in the Tokyo Olympics has brought many benefits to Lovlina Borgohain and also her village, whose road is going to be repaired. Assam’s Golaghat district, her village, experienced a tremendous downpour soon after Lovlina announced she would bring the Tokyo Olympics medal home. Lovlina was being interviewed after the win against Chinese Taipei’s Nien-Chin Chen in the Women’s Welterweight category. 

Tokyo Olympics 2021 Medal and New Road

The road that connects to the 23-year-old boxer’s home was in bad condition. However, the Public Works Department workers rushed to make the road passable before she returns to India with Tokyo Olympics 2021 medal. The local MLA Biswajit Phukan had confirmed the lousy condition of the road but said they were in progress to make it metal. 

Biswajit Phukan had continued to say that the road would be seen as a gift to Lovlina Borgohain. He hopes that the people of her village will pray for her as she returns home with a gold medal. Lovlina has become an inspiration to small girls in the village, and they are hoping to make the area have a world-class sports infrastructure. 

According to Bitul Gohain, the repairing of the road had begun when Lovlina began her semi-finals. He says that repairing the road is her gift and also hopes that she will bring home the gold medal. Swapan Chakraborty also hopes the same. Dulen Konwar, another resident of Baramukhia, said that it is their responsibility to ensure that Lovlina gets the benefits and appreciation because, after all, the road was repaired because of her. 

Lovlina Borgohain began her career as a Muay Thai practitioner. However, with time she became the third Indian boxer to make a podium finish at the Olympics. She is also the first female boxer from Assam to qualify for the Olympics. 

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