Know Who Won WTT Youth Contender in Tunis 2021 Category

WTT Youth contender Tunis 2021 was played in Tunis, Tunisia. The WTT Youth contender Tunis was organised by FÉDÉRATION TUNISIENNE DE TENNIS DE TABLE. The tournament, as scheduled, was initiated on the 13th of September and was finalized on the 19th of September of 2021. The seven-day tournament was divided into two halves and five categories. The first half was for girl participants from all five age categories and the second half was for boys participants from all five age categories. 

The first half of the WTT Youth contender Tunis began on the 13th of September and ended on the 15th of September. On the other hand, the second half began on the 17th of September and concluded on the 19th of September. Both the groups comprised five different age categories, namely Under 11, Under 13, Under 15, Under 17 and 19. A Total of 50 Girls and 70 Boys competitors amassed in Rades, Tunis, to play their WTT Youth Contender Tunis singles. All five age categories were further divided into smaller groups for the easy conduct of the matches.

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The winner of the Under-19 singles, in both the girls and boys group, was awarded prize money worth $200. The runner up in the same category was awarded $100. Below are the number of participants who participated in various categories of the WTT Youth Contender Tunis and the number of groups. 

Gender Category Number of Groups  Number of Participants 
Boys U-11 04 14
U-13 07 25
U-15 07 23
U-17 09 29
U-19 07 23
Girls U-11 03 10
U-13 05 19
U-15 07 21
U-17 07 22
U-19 05 16


Girls and Boys competitors played in their defined groups in the assigned period. Adrien Rassenfosse from Belgium and Swastika Ghosh won the Under-19 title and were awarded the prize money of $200. The Belgium player Adrien won the title in an under-19 category by winning the gold. Every category in the girl’s competition is crowned by an Indian. Swastika won the under-19 category after defeating Yashaswini Ghorphade. Not only a golden victory, but a few young Indian players showed up along with the silver and bronze titles. Adrien Rassenfosse, Payas Jain, Preyesh Sheesh Raj, Rawad Alnaser and Vishruth Ramakrishnan became the male idols of the tournament. However, Swastika Ghosh, Yashashwini Deepak Ghorphade, Suhana Saini, Hansini Rajan Mathan and Dhaani Jain became the female inspirations for the succeeding youth. 

Below is the result as per the category and gender:

Results (Finals) of the WTT Youth Contender Tunis 2021

Gender Category  Winner
Boys U-19 Adrien Rassenfosse
U-17 Payas Jain
U-15 Preyesh sheesh raj
U-13 Rawad Alnaser
U-11 Vishruth Ramakrishnan
Girls U-19 Swastika Ghosh
U-17 Yashaswini Deepak Ghorphade
U-15 Suhana Saini
U-13 Hansini Rajan Mathan
U-11 Dhaani Jain


The WTT Youth Contender Tunis enabled young developing athletes to show off their potential, and Indian blossoms didn’t leave any stone unturned while proving their skills in Tunis. Not only boys but girls likewise surprised the audience by performing extraordinarily in the WTT event. 

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