VII Guatemala Junior International 2021 Tournament Results

The VII Guatemala Junior International 2021 was held on 15th-19th September 2021 at Coliseo Deportivo de Badminton, Guatemala City. This tournament sponsored talented junior athletics from Costa Rica, Canada, El Salvador, and the host nation Guatemala.

Pan Am Junior Badminton players from Canada, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Guatemala won numerous medals in the VII Guatemala Junior International 2021.

The finals were conducted on the 18th of September, 2021. Five matches took place on that day.

Details of the matches are as follows:

  • [Women Singles] Nong Sophia (Canada) Vs. Ana Pamela Gonzalez (Guatemala)
  • [Men Singles] Victor Lai (Canada) Vs Yeison Esleiter Del Cid Alvarez (Guatemala)
  • [Women’s Doubles] Ana Pamela Gonzalez & Karolina Orellana Ardon (Guatemala) Vs Mariana Palacios Castillos & Luisa Santizo Alfaro (Guatemala)
  • [Men’s Doubles] Yeison Esleiter Del Cid Alvarez & Antonio Emanuel Ortiz (Guatemala) Vs Javier Armando Alas & José Daniel Ochoa (El Savador, Guatemala 
  • [Mixed Doubles] Victor La & Nong Sophia (Canada) Vs. Antonio Emanuel Ortiz  & Ana Pamela Gonzalez

Victor Lai (Canada) faced players from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Costa Rica.  He reached the Men’s Singles Finals by defeating them. He faced Yeison Esleiter Del Cid Alvarez (Guatemala) in the Final. He won the first game 25-23, and the second game 21-11 to emerge as the champion. 

Sophia Nong from Canada defeated players from El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Guatemala. Then, she faced Ana Pamela from Guatemala, beating her 21-6 and 21-17 in the first and second games respectively to become the champion.

In Mixed Doubles, the Canadian Duo, Victor Lai, and Sophia Nong defeated the duos from Guatemala and El Salvador.

Victor Lai and Sophia Nong faced Anotonio Emanuel Ortiz (El Salvador) and Ana Pamela Gonzalvez (Guatemala) and won by 21-18 and 21-15 in the first and second games.

The hosts, i.e., Guatemala, won both the Men’s & Women’s Doubles.

Yeisen Del Cid and Antonio Emanuel Ortiz turned out to be the best performers when they defeated Javier Armando Alas (El Salvador) and Jose Daniel Ochoa. Melvin Calzadilla (El Savador) and Marlon Mansia (El Savador) took the bronze in this event. 

Whereas, in the Women’s Doubles, Ana Pamela Gonzalez (Guatemala) and Karolina Orlanda Ardon (Guatemala) overpowered Mariana Palacios and Luisa Santizo (Guatemala) in the finals, and were on top of the podium.

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