England Vs. India To Begin The Second World Test Championship

The second phase of the WTC is set to kick off with a match between England and India.

There are seven three-Test series and 17 series comprising two Tests. Despite announcing the official dates, the ICC has not yet decided on the venue for the finals. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the tours were postponed, but according to the officials, they will not resume except Australia’s tour to India in 2022.

According to a report from ESPNcricinfo, this will be the only series comprising five matches, along with Ashes in December. These matches are set to kick off from August 4, 2021, to June 2023. The two countries to be locking horns will be India and England, while Australia will play England later this year.

Just like the first World Test Championship cycle, the second phase will comprise six series. Each team will play three matches at home and the rest as a guest team. First, England will play 21 matches, followed by India 19, Australia 18, and South Africa 15. Then, the rest of the teams (New Zealand, Sri Lanka, West Indies, and Pakistan) will play 13 matches. The only team with fewer matches is Bangladesh.

The Second World Test Championship Criteria for Awarding Points

In terms of points, the ICC came to a final decision to award the same number of points. This was mainly to ensure that differences in matches does not affect the tally of points. In addition, the proposed systems pointed out that teams with slow rates will be docked out one point if a behind falls over.

“Instead of each series being worth the same number of points, 120, irrespective of whether the series is played over two Tests or five Tests, the next cycle will see each match being worth the same number of points – a maximum of 12 per match. Teams will be ranked on the percentage of available points they won from the matches they have played. The aim was to try and simplify the points system and to allow teams to be meaningfully compared on the table at any point, though they may have played differing numbers of matches and series.” ICC’s acting chief executive officer Geoff Allardice expanded on the change of point system in a chat with ESPNcricinfo.

The match between India and England will kick off the second phase of the WTC 2. After that, teams such as Australia and West Indies are expected to play. However, the point system has changed to ensure that groups can be meaningfully compared. For more information, stay tuned to get updates about your favourite players and games.

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