Ehsan Mani: He Is All Set to Continue as PCB Chairman

PCB Chief Ehsan Mani is set to get another three-year term after all. There had been uncertainties about his staying on as the Board chairman or whether the patron of the PCB, Imran Khan, would extend his tenure.

Though his time was set to end in August, reports indicate that Mani met Imran at the Prime Minister’s house on June 21, where he was re-nominated and agreed to carry on for another term. Imran is said to have asked Mani to continue his excellent work and complete all the plans he had launched to improve Pakistan cricket.

In a statement by Mani, where he outlined plans for next year and the Pakistan Super League, he said despite being made to complete six super league matches in Abu Dhabi because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the country would host the tournament entirely on home soil. He expressed confidence that the COVID-10 pandemic would be under control and fans would attend the PSL and other international matches at home.

Over the last three years, Mani has made great strides in elevating Pakistan cricket. He has revamped the functions of the PCB by redrafting the board’s constitution to have it aligned with corporate governance practices. For instance, until 2019, the PCB chairman was also acting as the CEO, giving him the power to implement whatever policies they deemed fit. However, through redrafting the constitution, a CEO position has been introduced to curb such practices.

Additionally, Mani revamped the country’s domestic structure, a move that was met with nationwide outrage. Yet, he dismantled the previous departmental and regional cricket models at Imran’s insistence to create a provincial team model. However, this cost several veteran cricketers their livelihoods. But the PCB created jobs for them at the association level. They were invited to take up different roles such as umpiring, administration, and coaching.

Another key highlight during Mani’s tenure has been the introduction of a woman (Alia Zafar) to the Board of Governors for the first time in Pakistan history, alongside three other independent directors.

While Mani has largely enjoyed a smooth ride overseeing the revival of international cricket in Pakistan, most of the foundation was laid by the previous regime, chaired by Najam Sethi.

Mani’s re-nomination also suggests that PCB CEO Wasim Khan would also have an extended run at his position. Mani is expected to have a packed year ahead after his re-election.

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