Dilip Vengsarkar Comments on Lack Of Match-Practice

May Hurt Even World-Class Players Like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma

After Virat Kohli announced in the pre-departure conference that even if they miss practice for the WTC final match, it will not hurt, Dilip Vengsarkar thought otherwise. Dilip addressed that although both Kohli and Rohit are in good shape, lack of practice before the matches begin would affect their performance, most likely in the opening of the WTC final.

The India squad, led by Kohli, arrived in England and first went for a three-day quarantine at Southampton. Meanwhile, New Zealand, their opponents, are occupied in a series of two tests against England, on which the first one will end on Sunday. Kohli stated that lack of practice was not a significant problem because almost all of his teammates have had the experience of playing there.

Vengsarkar, a well-known veteran of the 116 test, admits that Kohli has been in the field of cricket for a long time. This means that he acknowledges Kohli as one of the greatest batsmen in cricket for the moment.

Being among the best worldwide players, Vengsarkar says that both Virat and Rohit can take pride in their results.

“Well he has been around for a long time. He is one of the best batsmen in world cricket at the moment. Players like Virat or Rohit Sharma, they are world-class players; they take a lot of pride in their performance and pride in winning matches for India,” Vengsarkar, the former chairman of selectors, told PTI.

He also pointed out that their opponents could have an advantage against them if they fail to practice because they are already in the zone competitively.

He mentioned that India is a more incredible team and also in better form. Although, the advantage of New Zealand is that it’s a cautious team, and they are going to play WTC 2021 after playing two world test championship games. Therefore, if the team fails to practice, they will be giving New Zealand the upper hand.

Vengsarkar felt that the India squad should have played games, probably three or two, before playing the Test match to get used to the conditions.

What is your opinion on the importance of practice! Do share your views below.

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