Border Restrictions forced Otago’s Dean Foxcroft to Miss another Domestic Season

The outbreak of COVID-19 has affected many countries and resulted in a rise in death cases. For this reason, many countries have restricted total movement to contain the virus. Unfortunately, this is not good news for Otago’s and cricket fans since Dean Foxcroft will not participate in the next season.

Dean is a South African all-rounder and a promising player for Otago. He made his List A debut in November 2018 for Central Districts. On 31 December, Dean again made Twenty 20 debut for the same team. Due to his achievements, he managed to sign a contract with Otago. However, since March 2020, he has not played any game, including the 2020-2021 domestic cricket season.

This was due to the outbreak of coronavirus that left him stranded in South Africa. This was a great disaster to the team as he was among the players. The board has tried all they can by convincing the authorities to allow him to move outside the border, but all are in vain. This is a huge loss as he will again miss another season that will happen in New Zealand.

“We are devastated for Dean,” Otago Cricket Chief Executive Mike Coggan said, via Club Cricket SA. “He has made a formal commitment with New Zealand Cricket to make himself available, through the qualifying process, to play for the Blackcap’s, but due to the current Government restrictions in place, he is unable to get back into the country to meet these commitments.”

“He is distraught, and we are too. Over the past 18 months, we have done everything possible to get him back to Otago, and at every turn, our applications have been denied. He sees himself as a New Zealander who aspires to play for New Zealand one day. We will not give up on supporting Dean to realize his goals”.

According to officials, the border restriction might affect the group’s performance; as he’s a promising player, evident from his records throughout his cricket career. Moreover, several border exemption applications were denied, stating that only New Zealand citizens and residents have the right to go back. What’s more, is that this might make the officials cut him from the contract list.

The Coronavirus outbreak has affected several activities worldwide, and among them is Cricket. Unfortunately, some players like Dean Foxcroft have missed some games due to border restrictions and will again miss upcoming matches. This is a significant loss to Otago since Foxcroft is a promising player. However, they are willing to do anything possible to bring him back.

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