5 Key Player Encounters That Are On The Cards

The Test series match between India and England will be one of the major games in the history of cricket in India. The Test series was held after both the teams had won their previous Test matches and had a rigorous preparation for the battle on Indian grounds. After winning a series against Australia while England, the visitors managed to wash off Sri Lanka playing at the Island nation.

The battles between players of opposing teams in a game are what make a game more interesting. The battles make the fans sit on the edges of their seats as they applaud them. In addition, player battles also have a great impact on the game’s outcome. Player battles are also crucial as they leave a lasting memory on the game’s ground for the fans to talk about. India vs. England Test series 2021 will give the players another platform to showcase their best players’ techniques.

Virat Kohli vs. James Anderson

Virat Kohli, Indian Captain, has an amazing record that goes against the visitors. He has scored 843 runs with an average of 70.25 in just nine Test series, including three hundred hundred hundred. James Anderson’s opponent is much more effective when playing on England soil than when playing in India. He has a record of catching 26 wickets in only ten Test series in India.

Rohit Sharma vs. Jofra Archer

India regards Rohit as the best opener; he has managed to make the Test series-opening his duty over the years, especially when they are playing home. Jofra is a tearaway pacer who has left his fans with an incredible impression.

Cheteshwar Punjara vs. Stuart Broad

Both players have been hiding under the shadows of their best teammates but have somewhat remained to play vital parts in their team’s victories. Pujara is considered the rock of the Indian batsmen. India vs. England 2021 will be just another boost for him as he enjoys playing against England.

Joe Root vs Jasprit Bumrah

Root is known as the leader of the England batting line, and he will be coming for the India vs. England Test series 2021 with confidence off the charts. Jasprit, on the other hand, has an excellent performer in home conditions with a record of 17 Test series away from home.

Ben Stokes vs. Ravichandran Ashwin

Ben is one of the best stage players where he has won countless matches for England from impossible conditions. Even though in 2016 England lost to India in their Test series, Stokes managed to get an outing with his bat. He scored 345 runs in only a five-Test series that includes a hundred and a fifty. On the other hand, Ravichandran Ashwin is an intimidating figure to the opponents with his reliable aggression. His record is intimidating when it comes to home matches. He has scored 254 wickets in a total of 43 Test series at 22.80. India vs. England Test match will depend largely on his effectiveness against English batters. Catch all the latest sports news updates from all the world here. Bookmark this page and get the updates easily by one click. 

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