Who Will Win: West Indies vs. Pakistan, Head To Head Match Stats

Pakistan and West Indies will be playing a head-to-head match in the World Cup. With both teams fighting for their chance at winning the tournament, who do you think will come out victorious? In this blog, we will look at Pakistan vs. West Indies Stats and Pakistan vs. West Indies Series.

PAK vs. WI Head to Head Stats

In Pak vs. WI Head to Head Records, Pakistan has a better overall record against WI, with one win and five losses in nine matches. Pakistan has won both of their matches so far in the World Cup, while the West Indies have won just one game. Since 1979, Pakistan has played nine matches against the West Indies and lost five of them while winning only once (against a pre-Tests team). In those nine encounters, they conceded more than 400 runs three times – including 450 to the WI in 1979.

PAK vs. WI Head to Head Stats – Tests

In Test Head to Head, the West Indies has a better record against Pakistan with two wins and three losses in five matches. The WI was able to beat Pak twice while losing only once – this loss came when they were playing as an Associate Member of ICC from 1977-1979 before gaining full membership status in 1981. Even though their overall head-to-head record favors Pakistan, the Test Head to Head is more closely balanced.

PAK vs. WI Head to Head Stats – ODIs

In the Pakistan vs. West Indies Match, the teams have played 27 times in ODIs. Pakistan has won 23 of those games, while West Indies has only won four. Pakistan also leads in the world cup, with six wins to one win. In other ODIs, West Indies is ahead of Pakistan by four games to eight. In the T20s, there are 16 matches between WI and PAK: Pakistani teams have won seven and West Indies five. There are 27 matches played between Pakistan vs. West Indies: Pakistani teams lead with 23 wins while Western Indian players win just four times.

PAK vs. WI Head to Head Stats – T20Is

Pakistan has played 17 T20Is against West Indies, winning 12 of them. Pakistan’s average score is 180, and its average run rate is 142. With an overall batting strike rate of 144, they rank the best among teams with at least 200 innings in this format. West Indies have played 25 T20Is against Pakistan, winning 11 and losing 14. West Indies’ average score is 146, while their run rate is 100 with a batting strike rate of 160. They rank the worst among teams with at least 200 innings in this format.

Wrapping Up

West Indies vs. Pakistan is an exciting matchup. The West Indian team has an impressive all-around lineup, and they have been playing brilliantly in this World Cup so far. They need speed to score runs, and their bowling is strong. On the other hand, Pakistan has an interesting batting lineup that can score runs quickly. Their bowling is not as strong as their opponents,’ but they plan to attack by playing defensively and then switching up to go for more risky shots later.

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