West Indies vs. Pakistan: The Test Match To Remember On May 29, 2000

Back when West Indies were one of the strongest teams in the international cricketing arena, Pakistan continued to be a thorn in their flesh. Even in their own backyard, the West Indies failed to beat Pakistan several times. Finally, there was one particular match when West Indies managed this feat by whiskers. The test series played between the teams in 2000 was memorable for more reasons than one. And here’s revisiting that fateful day of cricket once more: 

The Conditions Of The Match 
A few pitches in the West Indies that are really quick. However, there are others that get you an uneven bounce and the ball stays low. This pitch of the Pakistan vs West Indies Test Match was of the latter type. Playing a new ball at the Pakistan vs West Indies Match seemed really difficult due to this reason. 

West Indies had an amazing pace attack in Pakistan vs West Indies Test Match. It felt difficult to hand a new ball on the hard deck. The openers of West Indies also found it hard to get runs initially in the Pakistan vs West Indies Match. 

The unforgettable 3rd Fixture Of The Pakistan vs West Indies Series 
The weather and the lack-luster performances made the first two tests lead to draws in the Pak vs WI Series. However, the third one at Antigua turned out to be a game changer. Inzamam-ul-Haq and Yousuf Youhana were the only two players who had notched commendable scores in this Pakistan vs West Indies Series. 

Wasim Akram played an explosive over as he took out Jimmy Adams and as many as five more wickets for the next runs, and finally, bundled out the team for 273. Akram’s bowling gave Pakistan a chance to move ahead in the final Pakistan vs West Indies Test Match of the series. 

Finally, West Indies needed 19 runs to win and had one wicket in hand. At this point, Adams came on to strike. 

The Players’ Opinion On The Match Conditions 
The former captain and batsman of Pakistan described the condition of the pitch during the Pak vs WI Series. He said that there are When speaking of the Pakistan vs West Indies Series, Mohammad Wasim spoke of how it all started. He said that he felt disappointed that all the good work in Barbados was falling apart because he and Nazir couldn’t do well in both innings. However, the extra bounce on the pitch during the Pak vs WI Series was something that neither of them were experienced to handle. 

The Final Shot 
In spite of the steadily approaching target, the pensive faces of Walsh and Adams were soon lighted up. When there was a dab on the off-side off Wasim Akram, and Walsh and Adams wasted no time to move between the wickets to get a single. And that pushed West Indies to the victory of 1-0 in the Pakistan vs West Indies Match series. 

Thus, West Indies finally managed to get the victory that was evading them for such a long time. 

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