Tokyo Olympics 2021 Updates: The Whole Indian Contingent Are Invited As Special Guests By PM Modi On 15th Aug

To celebrate India’s Independence Day in a special way, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided to recognize the indian athletes‘ hard work. The country will celebrate 100 years of freedom even though the Coronavirus pandemic has tried hard to bring it to its knees. Indian athletes have given the opponents the toughest time during the matches, and they have also managed to qualify for several games.

The Prime Minister congratulated the athletes’ resilience and hard work, reflecting the new India. He went on to say that the athletes have shown self-confidence as they challenge some of the renowned opponents. Their dedication, zeal, and morale are the face of New India. He added that their self-confidence is a result of encouragement.

During the Tokyo Olympics 2021 updates, India was reported to have 228 most capable contingent with 120 athletes. The ongoing Olympics took off last month. In addition, PM Modi has constantly sent encouragement to the Indians and has even spoken to some of them. The PM will be hosting the athletes in his residence at Red Fort as special guests as he plans to meet the entire team.

On the other hand, the India hockey women’s team lost three opening games, but they managed to bounce back to beat Ireland and South Africa in the group stage. Later on, they beat Australia in the quarter-finals, and they will be meeting with Argentina in the semi-finals, which is their first-ever, Olympic semi-final.  Although India men’s hockey was beaten 5-2 by Belgium in the semi-finals, they will get at least bronze in third place. Get all Tokyo Olympics 2021 updates and latest sports news will be given from time to time.

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