Tokyo Olympics: India’s Women Team Fall To Argentina In Semis, To Play Great Britain For Bronze

The Indian women’s hockey team was hopeful of getting to the finals. But, unfortunately, Argentina overpowered them, and now they are going to play for the bronze medal. However, they are hopeful that they will beat the opponents and carry the day with a win.

Argentina is ranked number two and India number seven in the world hockey standings.

The Indian women’s hockey team had been a point ahead in the second minute in their semis game. They got a penalty conversion by Kur Gurjit; however, Argentina answered with an offensive play to press the India women’s hockey team. Argentinian Noel Barrionuevo made two goals in the 18th and 36th minutes, and while the Indian team tried to equalize, it was impossible to break the Argentine defense.

India received their first penalty corner in the second minute. It happened through a counter run from Rani and Katariya that allowed a circle entry by Goyal. After that, Gurjit used a solitary penalty corner to hit back versus Argentina as they did against Australia in the quarters to put India ahead.

The Argentinian first penalty corner was in the eighth minute, but Naveet Kaur got out of the goal to divert the drag, and the Indian defense stayed put through the 1st quartet. Udita Duhan and Deep Grace Ekka ensured the repeated circle penetrations by the opponents were well intercepted. Unfortunately, the India women’s hockey team lost control in the second quarter, consistently letting opponents go deeper. 

In the 18th minute, Argentina, through loose play, earned a third penalty corner where Noel scored to equalize. Argentina maintained the attacks, but Julieta was positioned well in the circle before goalkeeper Savita denied entry. India got a chance to put together a run, where Salima Tete got a second penalty corner saved by goalkeeper Belen Succi. However, Agustina Albertario continued to be intimidating on the left, beating the Indian women’s hockey team and making crosses.

This aggressive play gave Argentina more corners, and Noel scored again in the 36th minute to make it 2-1. Argentinian defense was solid, but India women hockey team 2021 put up a fight and got chances, although they couldn’t convert them into goals. As per the game analysis, all teams played well. However, India lost due to a few mistakes. Let’s hope they are going to win against Great Britain for the bronze medal. Bookmark Pure Win News website for latest updates of olympics and sports news easily.  

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