This Shahrukh Khan Too Aims to Carve Identity of His Own

The IPL auction this year has been quite a success so far. There are loads of exciting new players to look forward to and one player that is turning more popular is Masood Shahrukh Khan, who has already gained fans from his Bollywood name and the life-changing IPL offer of Rs. 5.25 crore. Shahrukh Khan hails from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Before making his place in IPL, he had been a state player and won many trophies, including Tamil Nadu Premier League and awards for his remarkable cricket talent. Shahrukh Khan, who has been a part of the Indian Premier League since the very beginning, has been in the news recently. 

It all started when Preity Zinta’s team bagged Tamil Nadu’s middle-order batsman Masood Shahrukh Khan for Rs 5.25 crore. This became a significant trigger for Bollywood meets cricket on social media again. And, people kept tweeting, “Veer meets Zara.” What grabbed attention to secure his place in IPL was Shahrukh Khan’s performance in Tamil Nadu T20 domestic event, where the right-hand batsman scored 49 runs in just 19 balls, which led the team to state victory. 

Shahrukh is a reliable player with the right skills to seal the game in tight matches. Punjab Kings has surely got a good new player in this year’s auction. 

In a conversation with Shahrukh, the media asked if he had plans of getting into the IPL and he replied saying, “This year, I had no expectations. To be frank, I had nothing in my mind. People were talking about the chances of me getting an IPL contract, but I did not pay too much attention to it.”

Trained under Azariah Prabhakar as a finisher, Shahrukh is more focused on improving his skills, working hard on aiming the target areas and improving daily as a cricketer. 

The IPL journey of M Shahrukh has surely started with a hit and fan following. It will be amazing to watch him play in the IPL. This talented batsman surely has a long way to go and he will certainly carve an identity of his own. Stay tuned on Pure Win News for more such exciting IPL updates. 

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