The Winners of ITTF Pan American Championships U15 & U19

Without a doubt, the US left everyone amazed by taking home most of the trophies of the ITTF Pan American Championships. Brazil, however, also managed to shine when Leonardo Kenzo won the boy’s singles. Out of the 15 games, the United States of America won 8. Sarah Jalli, who had never won before or made any record or ranking globally, made her first record. Here’s more. 

List of USA Champions

The United States seems to have taken more trophies home for the ITTF Pan American Youth Championships. The most important thing is that they managed to take home more Gold medals than any other Pan American country. Here are the champions who contributed to this success;

U15 Girls’ Teams

  • Sarah Jalli
  • Emily Tan
  • Sally Moyland
  • Faith Hu

U15 Girls’ Singles

  • Sarah Jalli ( she won 3-1 over her teammate Emily Tan)

U15 Girls’ Doubles

  • Sarah Jalli
  • Sally Moyland 

U15 Mixed Doubles

  • Sakky Moyland
  • Daniel Tran ( it was a 3-0 win over their teammates Sarah Jalli and Nandan Naresh)

U15 Boys’ Teams

  • Daniel Tran
  • Nandan Naresh
  • Jensen Feng
  • Darius Fahimi

U15 Boys’ Doubles

  • Daniel Tran
  • Nandan Naresh

U19 Girls’ Singles

  • Rachel Sung ( she won 4-3 over her teammate Amy Wang)

U19 Girls’ Teams

  • Amy Wang won the Gold Medal, 
  • Rachel Sung,
  • Joanna Sung and 
  • Angie tan

More Gold for the USA

Sarah Jalli, a fifteen-year-old, broke the record in the 88 years the USA participated in table tennis by recording over 2400. Her unique tactic got her country more gold and she just missed a step to taking the whole house. However, during the mixed doubles, she played together with Nandan Naresh, after which she got a silver medal; this was her only loss. 

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Although the USA was determined to win most of the games, other countries also showed they did not want to back home empty-handed. Angel Naranjo of Puerto Rico won the U10 boys’ singles and Edward Ly and Sophie Gauthier from Canada to the second position in U19 boys’ mixed doubles. It goes without saying that in the U15 games, there were more girls registered to play than there were boys. The numbers were 34 girls and 20 boys. 

Despite having to play against higher numbers, the U15 boys’ teams did not relent, they did their best, and each made his country proud, especially the USA. Out of the 34 U15 girls, the USA had eight girls who managed to turn the match around to win them the Gold Medals.

Countries that Participated in the Tournament

The tournament had the following countries participating; the United States of America, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Guatemala, Colombia, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and the host country, the Dominican Republic. The winners or the finalists are set to play ITTF World Youth Table Tennis Championships in Portugal. The tournaments will take place from the 2nd to the 6th of December.

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