The Netherlands vs Scotland: Prediction Tips for T20 Cricket

Predicting the outcome of a cricket match between your favourite teams doubles the fun! Here are our predictions regarding the T20 (twenty20) cricket match Netherlands vs Scotland.

Now, it’s needless to say that both the teams are fantastic in their own way. In the ICC rankings, both Scotland and Netherlands have a good position. Even the difference between the two teams is just 3 points. 

But the fun lies in watching which team can beat the other team and reach the higher position in the rankings. The Scotland cricket team is currently practising playing against the Zimbabwe team in their homeland. The last match played between Scotland vs Netherlands took place on 20th May 2021. It was the second ODI in the two-match ODI series. 

During this ODI series, the world witnessed excellent performances from both the teams at The Hazelaarweg Stadion, a stadium located in Rotterdam, the second-largest city in the Netherlands. The first ODI match was a little disrupted due to the rain. From the two matches, the first was won by the Netherlands, whereas Scotland won the second. 

So, it would not be wrong to say that both Netherlands and Scotland are on par with each other when locking horns in the twenty20 international matches. As per the rankings created based on the T20 matches in 2021, Scotland occupies the 14th position.

On the other hand, the Netherlands has occupied the 17th position. The difference in the rating is just 10 points (Scotland – 185 rating and Netherlands – 175 rating). However, the total number of matches played by the Netherlands is 20 compared to 11 matches played by Scotland. While the rankings predict that Scotland will win, we cannot deny that the Netherlands, being more experienced, can turn the tables on their side anytime. Catch all the sports news and more match predictions stay tuned with us. 

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