T20 World Cup 2021 Highest Paid Cricketer Per Team

Cricket is among the most famous sports in the world. Its popularity ensures that many engagements lead to huge profits, thus more money. In the end, cricket players’ salary is currently more than it was in the last decade. Below are some of the highest salaried cricketers.

1. Jos Buttler-England

Even though many expect that Virat Kohli or Eoin Morgan to be the highest-paid, as a matter of fact, Jos Buttler is the highest salaried English cricketer in the T20 World Cup. Furthermore, his salary exceeds that of other international players. His yearly salary amounts to 19 crore Indian rupees. The high salary is attributed to the red ball and white ball contract.

2. Virat Kohli-India

The Board of Council for Cricket in India (BCCI) ensures that all its players are well compensated. The excellent compensation is because India cricketers are the best performing cricket players in the world. 

Virat Kohli, captain of the Indian team, is the highest salaried player in his team; he owns a grade A contract, therefore, has a yearly salary of 7 Crore Indian rupees. His outstanding performances in the field ensure he is among the best paid in the world. Furthermore, the brand endorsements he receives act as a bonus for him.

3. Temba Bavuma-South Africa

The South Africa team (Proteas) consists of match-winning players, including Temba Bavuma. He will be the Proteas acting captain in the T20 World Cup. Among the South African players, Temba Bavuma is the highest-paid player. His yearly salary amounts to $350,000 that is 2.5 Crore Indian rupees. He is also in charge of South Africa’s ODI team.

4. Aaron Finch-Australia

Australia has currently not been performing well in the T20 series. Furthermore, some of the key players are absent. But, despite their performance, Aaron Finch, team captain, is among the best performers on the team. Aaron Finch, an opener, is the highest salaried Aussie cricket player. His yearly salary amounts to 4.87 Crore Indian rupees. 

5. Kieron Pollard-West Indies

West Indies struggle with ODI and Test consistency, but they are among the best when it comes to short format games. Furthermore, the West Indies have won the T20 world cup twice. Kieron Pollard, an all-rounder, is among the team’s best players. His yearly salary is 1.7 Crore Indian rupees. The high salary is because of the white-ball contract.

6. Kane Williamson-New Zealand

Kane Williamson, New Zealand’s skipper, is among the best performing batsmen on the team. He is also among the best team captains in the T20 World Cup. Therefore, he is the highest-paid New Zealand cricketer. He has a yearly salary of 1.77 Crore Indian rupees. One of the reasons for his high earnings is because he leads all three formats of the game. 

7. Shakib Al Hasan-Bangladesh

Shakib Al Hasan is the highest salaried Bangladesh cricketer. His yearly salary equals 41Lakh Indian rupees.

8. Babar Azam-Pakistan

Babar Azam, Pakistan’s skipper, is the highest-paid player on the team. His yearly salary equals 13.2 million PKR, which is approximately 62.40 lakh.

The best performing players in the cricket world are usually among the highest-paid. Every team in the T20 World Cup has its highest-paid player based on their performance.

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