What is MS Dhoni Role in India’s T20 World Cup

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) announced that an Indian Squad with 15 members would partake in the ICC T20 World Cup in the UAE. The announcement included Ravichandran Ashwin’s selection and the appointment of MS Dhoni as a mentor. The announcement left several experts and cricketers weighing in on the team and opinionated on Dhoni’s participation with the Virat Kohli-led team.

Announcement details

MS Dhoni will work with the team’s head coach, Ravi Shastri, and the rest of the team’s staff for the entire tournament period. The BCCI, on 8th September 2021, announced three standbys and a 15-member squad led by Virat Kohli. However, before BCCI made the offer, BCCI’s secretary, Jay Shah, spoke with Shastri and Kholi about bringing MS Dhoni on board.

The offer was one which Dhoni, a former Indian wicket-taker, could not easily refuse. The board was adamant that Dhoni was the best person for the post, given his many years of experience. Furthermore, 14 years ago, Dhoni made a list as the first captain to win the tournament. 

Thus, his vast experience ensures the team will be in great hands. Dhoni did not hesitate when he was asked to pick up the post. According to BCCI, Dhoni’s appointment will ensure the Indian team can strategize better. A BBCI source stated that Dhoni is an excellent addition to the team.

However, Adey Jadeja, a former India cricketer, was shocked about the announcement. He did not understand why the team required a mentor at that stage. On Sony Sports, Jadeja stated, “I am surprised.” He went ahead and stated that he did not understand what happened overnight that a mentor was needed. 

Conflict of interest

Currently, Dhoni is Chennai Super King’s captain. Thus, complaints have been on whether his role as captain and mentor will conflict.

On 9th September 2021, BCCI received a complaint against the appointment of MS Dhoni as the Indian team’s T20 World Cup mentor. The complaint was based on Lodha Committee reforms’ conflict of interest clause. Sanjeev Gupta, Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association, former member, has made several complaints based on conflict of interest against administrators and players. He sent a letter to the BCCI apex council. The letter stated that Dhoni’s appointment violates the conflict-of-interest clause, where a single person should not hold two positions. 

The BCCI apex council confirmed the receipt of the letter from Gupta. A source from BCCI stated that they are consulting with the legal team to confirm the ramifications. Questions are raised whether Dhoni being a mentor for one team and a player for another will result in disputes. Dhoni is among the most successful Indian cricket captains in history. 

The batsman-wicket keeper has ensured India has won two world cups. The first was the T20 2007 World Cup in South Africa and the ODI 2011 World Cup in India. He is currently playing with the Chennai Super Kings in the IPL. Last year, Dhoni announced that he was going to retire but has not spoken of it again. 

He has played 350ODIs, 90 Tests, and 98 T20 matches. Additionally, he has respectively amassed 10773, 4876, and 1617 runs. MS Dhoni’s experience ensures that he is the perfect fit for India’s team mentor. Furthermore, his wins in the world cup ensure that he is excellent at developing strategies.

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