Touki Toussaint VS Anthony DeSclafani: Who Won

Touki Toussaint, at the age of 22, entered the 2019 season of Major League Baseball.  His career began with a rough patch due to various frustrating performances and injuries. This year too, the Braves wanted to start with quality pitching. Thus, Touki Toussaint played a significant role in the team. 

However, Anthony DeSclafani was expected to get the pitcher’s duel during the match against the Washington Nationals on Friday. DeSclafani showed unmatchable potential and secured the victory with 1-0. The game against Los Angeles was a rough patch for him. Despite this he scored 12 runs around 7.1 frames in the beginning. However, on Friday, DeSclafani was a banger when he closed down the lineup of Juan Soto and Trea Turner. 

Simultaneously, Touki displayed some potential in the beginning but ended up with bad performances in 2020. This year, the situation was also the same as the previous one. However, we can expect him to throw strikes, but the consistency in his performance is still lacking. He is more likely capable of occasional outings. The 2020 season was not very favourable for Touki. For example, the Orioles got seven hits and won the games 14-4. Touki finished the season with an ERS of 8.8. Hence, all these factors were some of the horrific performances by Touki. 

On the other side, for Major League Baseball 2021, Sclafani has been improving his velocity. He is expected to appear in the secondary pitches. With his combination of pitch mix, he came with a heavy changeup. Sclafani had majorly thrown changeups in numerous outings in the past. He may appear to be throwing fewer fastballs and more changeups. Furthermore, we can also expect him to come up with some unique ideas for his changeups. He had developed his changeups if we compare them with his last pitches. 

The manager of the Atlanta Braves, Brian Snitker, announced that Touki would be out of the bullpen. He will be behind the pitcher who opens, Jesse Chavez in the game against the Diamondbacks held on Tuesday. Snitker didn’t say clearly that Touki was removed from his spot rotation, but he has not pitched after he was tagged for the four runs for five hits. He also got three in the four innings. Moreover, on Thursday, Touki was put on the bereavement list due to the recent demise of his father. He will now miss the three and seven games in the Major League Baseball Schedule

In conclusion, it is tough to decide the competition between Touki Toussaint VS Anthony DeSclafani. They both have been showing an excellent performance despite the rough start in the beginning. From the above thing, it is concluded that Touki will need more time to polish his performance in the upcoming years. Also, DeSclafani’s gameplay was exciting this season. Thus, DeSclafani is now creating his space in the team and will show his potential in the upcoming years. Furthermore, it will be interesting to see the growth of the performance of these players. 

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