CB vs. PSG: It’s a Tie! But Who Won Hearts?

In the UEFA Champions League (2021-22) match between CB vs. PSG, all eyes were glued on the game, as Lionel Messi not only made his 150th Championship League appearance but also started a game together with Neymar and Mbappe for the first time. What’s more, Messi was all in the brand new white jersey of PSG, which was surreal after knowing him associated with Barcelona for the longest time.

Wanting to know the CB vs. PSG match result is something every fan was anticipating.

Highlights of the Match

Brugge’s captain Hans Vanaken scored the second goal of the match in the 27th minute after Mbappe set up Ander Herrera’s opener in the 15th. Sadly though, the powerhouses of players could only set those two goals, making the much-awaited CB vs. PSG match result in a draw.

It was not something fans of the clubs would have wanted it to be. After all, this match had so many new things to offer in terms of players and their partnerships.

Even the likes of Donnarumma, Ramos, Achraf Hakimi, and Barcelona’s previous star player Messi couldn’t lead PSG to victory.

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Although there was pressure from the PSG, Club Brugge held on and, even though they didn’t win, did make the match a tie.

Fans of PSG were less than thrilled with their favourite group not winning the game, and well, who can blame them? After all, the team hosts quite a few influential players on their team; while on the other hand, Club Burge was proud of the way the team performed in their opening game. And rightly so! They did give quite a bit of challenge to a powerful team.

About the Team

Paris Saint Germain Football Club, which is commonly regarded as Paris Saint Germain, Paris or PSG, is a professional football club based in Paris, France. The team is led by the defender Marquinhos as their captain.

Club Brugge Koninklijke Voetbalvereniging, on the other hand, is a Belgian professional football club based in Bruges, Belgium. They are popularly known as CB or simply Club Brugge. Hans Vanaken leads the team for this club.

Nevertheless, the game was quite a watch, as fans didn’t know what to anticipate. All eyes are set for their next matches to see who would kick those winning goals. At this point, CB is feeling confident with their game while PSG has to make significant changes in their strategies to make sure that they don’t face the same fate in their match with Manchester.

The CB vs. PSG match result showed that up until you are on the field kicking and sweating. That’s the beauty of the game, after all. You win some, you lose some, and in this case, sometimes it can be a tie. Is it better than losing? Probably! Is it better than winning? Well, we all know the answer to it. Don’t we? 

Here is to both the team giving their winning performances in their next match!

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