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Raina is a left-hander who is believed to be the representative of the new-age in Indian cricket. He may not be playing for the Indian cricket team currently, but his contribution has left a mark. He has struggled over the years to put his life on track. He would be living in hostels, and sometimes he would sleep on the floor. All these difficulties did not stop him from becoming one of the most respected and the best cricket players over the years. Below is some more information about Suresh.

Basic Information About Suresh Raina

Full Name Suresh Kumar Raina
Age 34 years
Born In Muradnagar, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
Bat Style Left-hand bat
Bowl Style Right-arm off-break
Nationality Indian
Birth Date 27th November 1986
Height 5 ft 9 in
Spouse Priyanka Chaudhary
Net Worth Approx. $25 Million or INR 175 Crores
Teams Uttar Pradesh, Chennai Super Kings, Gujarat Lions, India, India A, Rest of India, Uttar Pradesh Under-16, India Red, Central Zone, India Blue, India Under 19, Rajasthan Cricket Association President’s XI


Suresh Raina’s father is Trilok Chand Raina, who was an army officer back in the day. His mother is Parvesh Raina, and she is known to be a homemaker. He has four siblings; in 2015, he married his wife Priyanka Chowdhury, and together, they have a son called Garcia Raina. He is currently living in Rajnagar together with his family.

Raina is a fan of fancy cars, and he has quite a collection in his garage. He has cars like Mini Cooper, a two-seater Porsche Boxster, a Mercedes Benz GLC, a Range Rover, and a BMW.

Raina’s Cricket Batting Stats

Suresh’s batting record looks quite impressive;

  • For the ODIs, Raina has played 226 matches, making 194 innings with 35 Not Outs. He has recorded 5615 runs, an average of 35.31, and a strike rate of 93.50.
  • For the Test matches, he has played a total of 18 games in which he batted 31 innings. He also has a number of 2 Not Outs, 768 runs, and an average of 26. 48. His strike rate stands at 53.14 and 1445 BF.
  • In the T20Is, he played 78 matches, batted 66 innings, and recorded 11 Not Outs. He has also recorded 1605 runs, a strike rate of 134. 87 and an average of 29. 18. His BF is at 1190.
  • For T20s, Raina has a record of 330 matches played, batted 313 innings, and his BF is 6261. He has also recorded 8615 runs, 49 Not Outs, a strike rate of 137. 59, and his average ranges at 32. 63.

Suresh’s Cricket Bowling Stats

  • Raina has played a total of 226 matches in the ODI series and batted 101 innings. He has 354.2 overs, 36 wickets, and a total of 1811 runs. His average reads at 50.30.
  • For the T20Is, he played 78 games, batted 22 innings, and recorded 173.3 overs. Raina has also recorded a total of 442 runs, 13 wickets, and an average of 34.00.
  • In the Test series, he recorded 603 runs, 13 wickets and batted 22 innings in a total of 18 matches. He has 173.3 overs and an average of 46.38.
  • For the T20s, Raina has recorded 330 games played, where he made 1872 runs and batted 120 innings. He has 260.3 overs and 54 wickets with an average of 34.66.

Career Information

Suresh Raina has worked hard over the years to build his debut in Domestic, ODI, IPL, Test, and the T20I. Below is his progress.

Domestic  Debut:

Suresh Raina came into the spotlight during the Under-19 world cup in 2004 and the Under-19 Asia Cup. During this time, he became visible to the selectors, and he did not back down or disappoint the expectations. He managed to make his Ranji Trophy debut when he was playing for Uttar Pradesh in February 2003 in a game against Assam. He was only 16, and he did not play another game until the following season.

IPL Debut:

Suresh Raina’s IPL career kicked off when he played for Chennai Super Kings, where he was signed for INR 2.6 Crores. His performance while with Chennai became one of a kind. His techniques were brilliant during the innings, and it made Chennai move to the semifinals.

In 2010, he captained the Chennai Super Kings for three Matches because Ms Dhoni was absent. During the finals, he scored 50 runs in a match against Mumbai Indians, making them the winners of the IPL for the first time. Still, in 2010, Suresh Raina was awarded the best fielder award by the BCCI for his excellent fielding abilities.

ODI Debut:

On 30th July 2005, Suresh Rain made his ODI debut in a match against Sri Lanka. After this match, Suresh became the sweetheart of the fans. From 2008 to 2011, he was pretty valuable to the team and became one of the finest players who claimed the world cup for his country. During a match against Pakistan, he scored 36 runs which helped the Indian team to cross the 250 mark, making them winners of the game and the world cup at home.

Test Debut:

In July 2010, Suresh Raina made his test debut against Sri Lanka, where he scored a hundred. India was at 4/241 and Sri Lanka at 4/642; Suresh joined Sachin Tendulkar and reached the maiden century. This made him one of the few Indians to make the record; he played his last Test in 2015.


Suresh is the first and only Indian to score centuries in the T20I and ODI world cup. He also managed to score 8000 and 6000 runs in his T20 career. He comes second after Chris Gayle to hit 100 sixes during the IPL. Raina is the first cricket player to record 5000 runs in the IPL matches, and he also recorded the most number of catches during the IPL matches. Stay tuned with us for more sports news and the latest updates. 

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