Know the Best Wicketkeeper-Batsman Of Pakistan’s Test History

Over the years, wicket-keeping has been relatively stable for the Pakistan Cricket team. Players like Wasim Bari is known to have been a wicketkeeper for Pakistan for a long time. On the other hand, Anil Dalpat is known to be the only non-Muslim wicketkeeper to represent Pakistan.

In the past 435 test matches, Pakistan has deployed 23 wicketkeepers, the first one being Hanif Mohammad. In 1952, he managed to keep wickets for three tests in the series against India. The latest entry is Mohammad Rizwan, and he is the best wicketkeeper-batsman in Pakistan.

Players like Wasim Bari broke the record with 81 Tests. He was followed by the other two players, Kamran Akmal with 53 and Moin with 66; they each played over 50 Tests. Among the 23 Pakistan best wicketkeeper batsmen, eight of them had taken part in at least 20 Tests while four among them, Atiquiz Zaman, Shahid Israr, Humayun Farhat, and Zulqarnain Haider, only managed to play a solitary Test.

Among the four, it’s only Humayun Farhat who managed to break the record of being Pakistan’s best wicketkeeper-batsman in 2021. He never had even a single Test dismissed to his name. According to the Pakistan batsmen history, Moin Khan was arguably their best wicketkeeper-batsman with over 30. However, there is a competition where Imran Khan makes the side at eight, and Wasim Akram also has about a number of 9. Since then, Pakistan decided to go with the best wicketkeeper-batsman All-Time Test XI.

On the other hand, Wasim Bari managed to play 81 Tests for the Pakistan vs. West Indies series in 2021. He managed to average only 16 with a bat. According to the modern rules of cricket, such a performance would mean dismissal from the Test team. Luckily enough, he was praised by Alan Knott, considered the most outstanding Test match wicketkeeper. Therefore, he survived.

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