Jhulan Goswami Speaks Her Mind About the Bowling Unit

She Says We Need to Take up More Responsibility

Following an eight-wicket defeat from England, Jhulan Goswami of India feels that he should take up more responsibility for the success. This happened after going 1-0 down in Bristol on Sunday. As a bowling unit, he believes that they should come together and act to save the three-match ODI series, which they’ll be battling with England.

Out of the whole Indian team, Goswami was the only bowler with a high pace to pick up a wicket. Goswami claims that the carelessness of other players such as Pooja Vatsrakar and Shikha Pandey was the main cause of the loss. According to Julian, Pandey came back to play ODI after 18 months, and this meant that she had gone wicketless in a One-Off Test and an ODI. On the flip side, Pooja played an ODI in 2018 and had returned with figures of zero.

“At this moment, Shikha is coming back from a break; she was not there in our last series. Pooja is playing after a long time. They need a little bit of time, and they will do well. They have already proved that they are quality bowlers. They have single-handedly won matches for India. When you make a comeback in international cricket after a long lay-off, it’s not about your technical abilities. There will be pressure. It’s about how you handle it. I am very confident of our bowling line-up,” Julian told ESPNcricinfo.

Despite all this, Jhulan Goswami feels like each individual should not base their interest on their benefit, but for the team’s betterment. And this can only be achieved by taking up more responsibilities by working towards the same goal and recording outstanding results in the coming matches.

In a statement, Jhulan said it was the first match for Shafali, while Punam Mithali has a lot of experience and consistency because she has played for many years. This was displayed in a series against South Africa where she scored fifty in the first match with England. Generally, Goswami believes that everything will go well if they get runs from the top order.

Jhulan Goswami believes that it’s essential to groom players before getting into the match to win upcoming games. What do you think? Is grooming the players important? Share your views in the comment section below.

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