Is West Indies Team Part of This T20 World Cup

West Indies T20I 2021 squad has the most promising and big hitters making it attractive on the field. Any support squad and fans from all over the other countries would do anything to get a chance to watch them play. The 2016 T20I had the West Indies fans flooding the stadium covered in maroon to emphasize the point that they were supporting the West Indies. Despite the large, enthusiastic fans with a strong support spirit, the team has not been performing well. Some of the issues they fight daily are finances and their board’s hampering on their team.

Since the T20I 2016 win, West Indies has had inconsistency with their players. According to Kieron Pollard, the squad has an opportunity to start as the people’s favorite for the T20 World Cup. The journey to regain their fame may not be a simple one, but they must go out and try nonetheless. Renowned players like Chris Gayle and Andre Russell will be making their return after a long absence phase. The duo had decided to prioritize playing for the domestic teams over playing for the West Indies.

 It will be tough for the West Indies team to stick together, being they haven’t had much practice, and they have constantly gotten rid of their players. West Indies have a record of winning the T20 World Cup twice. However, in the past five years, their luck and fortunes have gone with the wind. According to the World ICC T20, West Indies are at position ten, putting them below Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. This time West Indies T20 world cup group members are a very tough opponent.  

A better explanation of why the West Indies are slowly going out of the spotlight could be because most of the time, their best players are always away for their matches. However, during their match with South Africa, they still lost despite the fact that the West Indies T20 squad was intact, including all their best players.

Since the West Indies victory in 2016, they have only managed to win 20 out of 58 T20is, giving them a ratio of 0.588. This ratio is regarded as the most pathetic on the sides of Nepal, Netherlands, UAE, and Ireland. Since the 2016 World Cup, West Indies players Dwayne Bravo, Gayle, Russel, and Jason Holder have not played more than 20 games in format. Only three players have managed to play more than ten games for the team in the format.

Over the years, West Indies are known to have produced the best players for the T20I with lots of experience. West Indies T20 team 2021 are expected to give their best at the grand stage this season. The T20I World Cup will be played in the UAE after the IPL matches are over. During this time, the pitches will be tired, bringing in the spinners into the match. In the past two years, West Indies have managed to play 15 spinners, where four of them played in the 2021 tournament. Among the four, Fabian Allen, the all-rounder, seems to have the rating among them all.

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