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Devdutt is among the best professional cricketers who have played for Indian domestic and also international teams. Up to now, he has played for several renowned teams such as Royal Challengers and Kamataka. Apart from that, he has played for the India Under-19. Through his exemplary skills and determination, he made his international debut in July 2021 for the Indian Cricket team. As a result, this earned him praise and also opened doors for more opportunities. 

Basic Information About Devdutt Padikkal

Full Name Devdutt Babunu Padikkal
Age 21 years
Born In Edappal, Malappuram District, Kerala, India
Bat Style Left-handed bat
Bowl Style Right-arm Off break
Nationality Indian
Birth Date July 7, 2000
Height 6ft 3 in (191 cm)
Spouse Unmarried
Net Worth 7 Crores
Teams Bellary Tuskers, Kamataka, Royal Challengers Bangalore


Devdutt Paddikal’s Cricket Batting Stats:

Also nicknamed Dev, the left-handed Indian Batsman who started cricket at a very tender age. Up to now, he has recorded remarkable results. Here are his batting stats.

  • T20I: (2 Matches) Devdutt Padikkal made 2 innings, 38 runs, a high score of 29, and an average of 19. However, he did not make any note-outs, 100s and 50s, but managed to get a scoring rate of 100, 2 fours, and 1 sixes. 
  • T20: (41 Matches) He made 41 innings, five-note outs, 1504 runs, and a high score of 122. Moreover, he hit an average of 41.77, a scoring rate of 145.03, 2 hundred, 11 fifties, 157 fours, and 60 sixes.
  • FC: (15 Matches) Here, he made 29 innings, three not outs, 907 runs, a high score of 99, and an average of 34.88. Also, he smashed a scoring rate of 50.55, 10 fifties, and 106 fours.
  • List A: (20 Matches) Devdutt made 20 innings, four not-outs, 1387 runs, a high score of 152, and an average of 86.68. On top of that, he got a scoring rate of 86.85, 6 hundred, eight fifties. 135 fours and 32 sixes. 

Devdutt Padikkal Bowling Stats:

  • T201: Here, Devdutt Padikkal participated in 2 matches but did not make any innings, averages, or runs.
  • T20: He participated in 41 matches but did not make any records.
  • FC: (15 Matches) He made two innings, 12 balls, six runs, three economy rates, and no wickets.
  • List A: In this category, he had a total of 20 matches but did not make any record.

Career Information

Also known as Dev, Devdutt is an Indian Cricketer who developed passion from an early age. When his father recognized his talent, he decided to support him and even went the extra mile to move his family to Bangalore. This is because it is the perfect place to nurture cricketing skills. Later, he enrolled at the Karnataka Institute of Cricket when he was nine years old.

After completing his education, Devdutt Padikkal got trained by his coach Naseeruddin.  In 2017 he managed to play for Ballar Tuskers in a match against Bengaluru Blasters. He then managed to hit 72 runs in just 53 balls. The following year he made his debut against Maharashtra in the Ranji Trophy.

Again, he was lucky enough to be selected in the Under-19 National Cricket Team in the same year. After making several outstanding records, he did not look back. In 2019, he was auctioned by Royal Challengers Bangalore at a base price of Rs.20 lakhs as he continues to maintain the same zeal towards the success of his career. 

T20I Debut:

Devdutt’s first T20I debut was on July 28, 2021, in a match between Sri Lanka and India. Devdutt Padikkal’s last debut was on July 29, 2021, between the same two teams. 

FC Debut:

He also made his first FC debut from November to December 1, 2018, in Mysore. The match was between Maharashtra and Karnataka. His last debut was between Bengal and Karnataka, held at Kolkata in February 2020.

Domestic Debut:

In this category, Devdutt Padikkal made his first debut in September 2019 in a match between Karnataka and Jharkhand in Bengaluru. His last debut was held in Delhi, March 2021, between Mumbai and Karnataka.

Career Achievements and Awards

The young “Dev” started playing cricket at a young age. So far, he has played several matches in well-known teams. Moreover, he has managed to make several achievements and awards. Among them are:

  • He was the first player who scored 3 fifties in four consecutive Indian Premier League matches. 
  • He has scored half-centuries in three formats of domestic cricket.
  • He was the top scorer in the 2019-2020 Vijay Hazare Trophy.
  • He again became the highest run-scorer in the 2021 Ranji Trophy;
  • Lastly, Devdutt Padikkal managed to become the top run-scorer in the 2019 Kolkata Premier League.

Devdutt Padikkal Interesting Facts

  • He developed a passion for cricket at a tender age.
  • He started the journey of playing cricket while he was nine years old.
  • He was named by Karnataka State Cricket Association in the Under-14 Tournament.
  • He trained under Naseeruddin.
  • He also bowls right-arm off break besides battling.
  • Gautam Gambhir inspires him.

Notable Charity

The Indian Cricket Champion Devdutt Padikkal is a young batsman who started his career at a young age. His father noticed his passion, and this is when he decided to move to Bangalore to nurture his talent. The young star has displayed quite remarkable results so far. Furthermore, he has participated in several charitable works to assist the needy. 

Devdutt donated to the Trust and NGOS. He has also helped many people to further education and in the health sector too. However, Devdutt Padikkal is not a bragging type since he prefers to keep his charity works out of the limelight.

Devdutt is a brilliant and young batsman whose career was driven by passion. He started displaying his potential skills at an early age. For that reason, his family chose to support him. Up to now, he has made outstanding records and played for several well-known teams. However, he is still looking into developing his skills to emerge among the best.


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