Russell Stays With The Jamaica Tallawahs

Andre Dwayne Russell is a Jamaican Professional Cricketer. So far, he has played more than 300 T20 matches for different teams worldwide. Being the greatest Cricketer of all time, he is the second player to take a hat-trick in the 2018 T2o tournament.

In April, Jamaica’s all-rounder Russell announced that he would quit being a member of the team Jamaica Tallawahs. Russell’s CPL team is expected to perform better by many. On the contrary, he stated that the 2021 CPL would be his last match to play as one of the squad members. This happened after Chris Gayle ceased to be part of the team and bashed at the teams’ management. 

According to Gayle, he blames the Chief Executive Officer of the team, Jeff Miller, and the assistant coach. Gayle claimed that the two influenced the owner not to include him in the 2021 season. However, the franchise opposed his allegations and said that Gayle’s release was not due to personal issues but strictly business. 

Russell addressed Jamaica Tallawahs as being the weirdest team he has ever played for. According to him, the franchise conducts its operations in a very unprofessional manner that lacks open communication. In addition, the management has unusual ways of handling the team’s activities, as anything in the limelight is displayed oddly.

This statement also came to be after selecting the best cricketers to be Jamaica Tallawahs players according to his knowledge and experience. However, he was disappointed when the franchise took the time to provide feedback. In return, they sent him a different squad later on. This was a total disappointment for him because he thought it was rude and unprofessional. 

Being a guy that plays to win, Russell felt highly disrespected, as he chose the players according to their exemplary performance from the previous matches. Besides that, he was not happy with the franchise for failing to reach out on time and as an individual. Despite being a previous leader for the team, he felt that they don’t believe in him. 

Additionally, he was treated as a debut and only contacted him to confirm if he will sign the contract. Despite the pay cut, Russell still has hopes for the team. As much as several franchises have offered him better pay, he believes that he has to play for the team and make things better. To him, loyalty is important than anything, and that’s why he couldn’t trade it for money. 

Being among the top-notch Jamaica Tallawahs Players, he is known globally for being the best all-rounder. Having played for many teams, he has managed to record great performances. Nevertheless, he felt that it’s time to call it quits for his current team, Jamaica Tallawahs. This happened after the team’s officials failed to perform operations openly. He feels that they are weird, lack faith, and don’t respect him. 

This came to be after the franchise failed to honor his request for the members he had selected for the coming match. Moreover, he feels that they don’t take their players seriously, especially when they failed to reply on time. But, with all this, he still believes that loyalty is essential; and that’s why he will play for the team in the coming match.

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