All About the Barbados Tridents Team Squad For 2021

Caribbean Premier League (CPL) 2021 has been scheduled to be held from August 28 to September 19 and with this, the participating squads have been delivering their characteristic player sets in the public drafts. With several players launching their debut in CPL this year, the tournament has been engaged in preparing for a smooth flow and not entangled with the participants’ schedule ahead in Indian Premier League.

Barbados Royals, formerly known as Barbados Tridents team, is all set for CPL 2021 with modifications in players’ selection this year. The Barbados Tridents Team 2021 has been making quite headlines of its overseas signings, where mature players like Chris Morris and Thisara Perrara are set to be played along with Smit Patel who played one of the most prominent roles in the victory of India against Australia in 2012 U-19 World Cup.

Barbados Tridents Team Squad 2021 is being led by Jason Holder as a captain and will begin their first play against St. Kitts and Nevis Patriots on 26th of August, this year. As in terms of gaming strategy, Holder seeks the determination to win the league this year as there has been quite a few trials in the process for CPL 2021. Coach Trevor Penney is enthusiastic as being appointed to guide the Barbados Tridents Team and has been training for upcoming CPL 2021. 

Being one of the six teams, which were created during the inaugural season in the Caribbean Premiere League in 2013, Barbados Tridents have been the core representative cricket team of Barbados. Although having qualified for champions league in CPL 2014, they were out of the league for winning only one of their four matches and in 2021, they have decided to come back with suitable changes and strategy.

One of the primary changes acquired so far by the squad in CPL 2021 is inclusion of overseas players. Smit Patel’s participation in CPL 2021 makes him the second Indian player to play in CPL. With franchises taking it a notch higher, Caribbean Premier League has been introduced to a diversified and wide selection of players this year. Among debut Pakistani players, Mohammad Amir and Azam Khan were selected by Barbados Tridents Team Squad 2021. Meanwhile, Chris Morris, with an established reputation as South African all-rounder, will also be debuting in CPL, this year. This makes a huge difference in contrasting charm and excitement of the game. CPL, on its own, has attracted the interest of different franchises to build a better ecosystem and expand their global presence through the CPL team’s campaign. 

Simultaneously, the list of modifications also includes changing the original name of the squad as per the announcement on 30 July 2021. The Barbados Tridents Team Squad 2021 has acquired its new countenance as Barbados Royals, since the owners of Rajasthan Royals of Indian Premier League has purchased a major stake in CPL 2021. Consequently, the idea behind rebranding or restructuring of Barbados Tridents was to evolve and adapt to new opportunities with innovation and potential and direct the output in the favor of Royals’ Group. These collaborations would eventually benefit the players as well as the game and spirit of Cricket, itself.  Get complete sports news all round the world and keep updated yourself in the sports industry. 

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