All Distress Ireland Has Caused Against Top Cricket Nations In Odis

Ireland is still new to international cricket and is now a Test nation. However, they received the status and have caused quite a stir in cricket. Although the country survives on a handful of matches and inadequate resources, they never fail to surprise. Ireland has won games upsetting even the big names in the cricket world. You will learn all about their wins and all they have achieved over a short period.

Super Eight World Cups

In the 2007 cricket world cup that was in the West Indies, Ireland played Pakistan. They came to the limelight after beating Pakistan three wickets during the group stages in a low-scoring game. Ireland’s victory caused an early exit of Pakistan out of the world cup. However, the winners managed to dismiss Pakistan for 132 and chased it, losing seven wickets.

In their next game in the world cup, they played versus Bangladesh. Although Bangladesh was not a favorite to go beyond group stages, they shocked India. Bangladesh ejected India out of the world cup, Ireland managed to beat them. So, Ireland had a 74-run win in the Super Eights stage, which surprised everyone.

ODI Bilateral Series

In 2010, the bilateral series in Ireland versus Bangladesh. They proved it again that their win in the Super Eight wasn’t by luck. The Ireland cricket team became victorious by seven wickets, marking their third win against a full member. It was their second victory against Bangladesh. However, the opponent won in the second game, which made it a 1-1 draw.

World Cup Australia New Zealand

In 2015, they played Zimbabwe and were likely to beat them. However, they managed to score a century with the help of former England batsman Ed Joyce. As a result, they became victorious with a win of 331/8. This surprised the Zimbabweans, who lost by five runs. But this continued as Ireland beat Zimbabwe several times over the next few years.

Ireland has become a power in the cricket world. This year, Ireland’s upcoming series for their 1st ODI will play Zimbabwe on 6th August. In addition, their 2nd and 3rd on 8th and 11th August playing the same team at Belfast. Also, Ireland ‘s upcoming matches 2021 are the T201, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd against Zimbabwe. The games will be in Bready, Derry, Ireland. With these upcoming matches, everyone is looking to see Ireland make another victory against their opponents.

Ireland has become a favorite since they joined international cricket. They have had success against the best teams in the world and bagged victories. So now that you know of their schedule for the upcoming matches get ready to cheer for a win. And hopefully, they are going to win all their games. Stay with us on pure win news for latest sports news and updates.  

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