Hundred Hero Balbirnie Stars In Landmark Ireland Win Over South Africa

On 13th July, in the 2021 season, Ireland beat South Africa in one of the most significant tournaments, the World Cup Super League. With ODI no. 4302, the match was taken over from the beginning by the spectacular group effort from Ireland.

Here’s some more information on this cricket game and highlights on the central star, Andy Balbirnie.

Ireland vs South Africa Details of the Event

This particular series was for the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Super League in South Africa’s tour of Ireland. Specifically, the match was at The Village in Dublin’s Malahide.

Kevin Gallagher was the event’s referee. Even though South Africa came in the field first, they dropped four catches and didn’t recover.

Ireland was in the first position in the three-match series and had 10 points while South Africa had 0. That means Ireland qualified for India’s showpiece for the 2023 50-over.

Ireland’s score was 290/5 with 50 overs, while South Africa’s was 247/10 with 48.3 overs. To summarize, Ireland triumphed with 43 runs. It was the first time for Ireland to win against South Africa in an ODI!

To note, Ireland’s Joshua Brian Little and Andrew Robert McBrine showcased exemplary performances as bowlers. In addition, Balbarine Ireland captain Andy Balbirnie was one of the top-performing batters with 102 runs out of 117. On the other hand, for South Africa, Janneman Malan was among the best performing batters with 84 runs out of 96.

Andy Balbirnie was titled the Player of the Match. After the game, he said it was a great day for cricket in Ireland and was incredibly proud since his team needed that win. He was also well pleased with the efforts of his colleagues and that they are determined to win the Super League series. Read all the latest sports news and updates only on Pure Win News.

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