10 Valuable Batsmen Across All The Formats

It becomes an entirely different ball game when a batsman performs. It’s because it helps show his worth for his team, as it’s a pretty rare skill. A batsman can help the team with a match and get to make a name for themselves. Here, in this article, you come across the ranking of top players who are considered valuable batsmen for all three formats of the sport. So, let’s dig in!

  • Virat Kohli [India]:

    The Indian team’s skipper is one of the finest cricketers in the world. He has contributed heavily within all formats of the game for his team whenever it was necessary.

  • Kane Williamson [New Zealand]:

    Williamson is not just a great batsman but also proved himself to be one of the coolest captains of all time. He has represented the Kiwis 303 times and has scored 15,209 runs.

  • David Warner [Australia]:

    Warner is dubbed as one of the most entertaining and swashbuckling batsmen of all time. He can handle pressure well and is one of the hard-hitters of his team. 

  • Babar Azam [Pakistan]:

    Pakistan has produced one of the best and exceptional batsmen and is none other than Babar Azam. Experts from sports news believe that will surely become the NEXT BIG THING within the cricketing realm.

  • Joe Root [England]:

    England’s Joe Root never fails to impress his supporters and his team within all the sport formats. He has contributed heavily during the ODIs, T20s and even Tests for England.

  • Quinton de Kock [South Africa]:

    Apart from being an excellent wicket-keeper, de Kock is one of the best players of all formats of cricket. He has represented South Africa 231 times and scored 10,205 runs, including 22 centuries and 55 fifties. 

  • Steve Smith [Australia]:

    Steve Smith debuted as a leg spinner for Australia but became a powerful batsman and a key player for his national side. He has played for Australia 250 times and has scored 12,712 runs.

  • Rohit Sharma [India]:

    Dubbed as the HITMAN of Indian Cricket, Rohit Sharma is one of the hard-hitters that every bowler fears. The vice-captain of India has 40 centuries and 78 half-centuries to his name and has represented his side 379 times.

  • Aaron Finch [Australia]:

    Aaron Finch is considered one of the finest Australian cricketers within the cricketing realm. He has helped his team obtain victory through exceptional batting skills.

  • Jos Butler [England]:

    England’s Jos Butler is another batsman that stands out as a great player for all sport formats. He has represented England 282 times and scored 8488 runs. 

Wrapping Up

Here is a list of the top ten cricketers who are considered the most valuable batsmen for all formats of cricket.

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