Wriddhiman Saha Recovers and is Excited to Play for India Against England

India wicket-keeper Wriddhiman Saha was finally out of the woods with a tweet stating that he was cured of COVID-19. His wish to reach England before the commencement of India vs England Test Series 2021 as Wriddhiman Saha could be replaced by bharat .

Saha plays for Indian Premier League team Sunrisers Hyderabad. He tested COVID – 19 positive back on May 4th when the T20 tournament got indefinitely suspended after several people got infected with the disease.

After Saha was tested positive for the disease, he still got the slot in the team selected for the five-match test series against England.

The twenty-member strong Indian cricket team chosen for the series led by Virat Kohli entered a bio-bubble in Mumbai and then after landing in England, before getting a second dose of the vaccine against COVID – 19 from the medical team at England assigned to them.

Saha had spoken at an event held in Kolkata where he admitted to the fact that the India vs England 2021 tour will be a tough nut to crack.

He was forthcoming and stated that the Indian team would need to play it really well if India wishes to win the series. He also stated that it would have been great if the team could reach the English grounds beforehand.

Saha had at that time stated that it would be a tough bid for the Indian team members as the balls tend to move quite a bit on English grounds. HIs words that the weather affects the condition of the pitch which in turn can change the direction of the game, as was visible in the first test match.  

In other news, several experts believed that team India’s recent losses were a direct result of ill-preparation. In order to make sure that team India puts on a good show, Kohli and his team members need to really push themselves even though the first match was a draw. As the second test is being played. overcome all the challenges that come their way.  Get all the latest sports news including tennis, cricket, table tennis, olympics and football only on Pure Win News.

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