World T20 2021 Prediction: Papua New Guinea vs. Oman

The Men’s World T20 2021 is all set to take this year. The 1st T20 game will be held between Oman and Papua New Guinea at the Al Amerat Stadium in Muscat, Oman, on October 17th, 2021. It will be a great match to see that both of these teams have quality players on their side. Both PNG and Oman have a strong batting and bowling department, and the past records show that both teams have performed brilliantly in the shortest format of the game. 

Oman vs. Papua New Guinea: Match Prediction

Oman has performed exceptionally well in the ODI format of the sport, but they failed to dominate the T20 format of the game. So, the World T20 is the perfect time for the team to improve themselves. 

Even though Oman doesn’t have many big names on their side, they have some of the best players in good shape and gearing up to show what they have in-store. If they take care of the bowling area and manage to save some runs in the first few overs, they might have the chance to win the game. 

On the other hand, Papua New Guinea has a well-drilled and well-disciplined team and will be under the captaincy of Assad Vala. The players will indeed play their respective roles properly and will use their best skills against their opposition. 

Assad Vala declared that it was a dream come true for him and the team to play at the World T20, and they will perform their best during the match. PNG has some quality bowlers and a strong middle order. Their winning chances will be high if the bowlers pick up quick wickets during the first few overs. But they choose to bat, and their middle-order should work hard in putting up a decent score on the scoreboard. 


Oman and Papua New Guinea are all set to all lock horns on October 17th, 2021. It will be pretty fascinating to observe how both teams will perform as both sides have the best talents. Stay tuned for more sports news updates about your favorite team and players.

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