Tokyo Olympics Updates: Tajinderpal Singh Toor Fails To Make It To The Men’s Shot Put Final

In the latest updates of Tokyo Olympics 2021 Tajinderpal Singh Toor will not be taking part in the Tokyo 2021 Olympics after failing to be among the 12 qualifiers of the Men’s Shot Put group A qualifiers. In the trials, Singh had registered 19.99m but was eliminated in the following two trials, making him finish in the 13th spot. The 26-year-old Asian champion had pressure to score a solid throw, but he had failed, losing his chance of playing in the main game. 

Toor’s second throw was an invalid one. This is because he contracted the whiteboard, and it is a foul. During his third attempt, he still committed a foul, making his first record of 19.99m his final score. 

The top position was grabbed by Darlan Romani, where he managed to score 21.31, which he got during his second throw. For the shot put players to be in the main event, they have to reach a minimum distance of 21.20 

Earlier in the year, Toor had registered a new score of 21.49 at the Indian Grand Prix 4 in Patiala. Because of this, he had qualified for the Tokyo Games, but he did not do his best during the game. 

Toor Recent Misfortunes

His failure to be in the main final was another added disappointment after India defeated the men’s hockey team. But Toor has been going through some misfortunes recently. After he had won the Asian Games, his father died from bone cancer. Toor had received this news while he was on his way to the Command Hospital in Panchkula. Then, while he was doing his best in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, causing the Olympics to be postponed. And unfortunately, while he was training indoors, he got a wrist injury which has clearly affected his performance this year.  Stay updated with sports news and latest olympics news by visiting Pure Win News. 

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