Three Of The Greatest Batsmen From Team Pakistan

Men in Green has given the cricketing world some of the stalwarts of the game, who have changed our perception of the game through their sheer display of skill. And here are three of such names that have made cricket history: 

Saeed Anwar 

  • Ranking: 52 (808 points) 
  • 8824 runs, 247 ODIs 

Saeed Anwar got 20 ODI hundreds, and it is the most scored by any Pakistani player. The left-hander’s 194 against India in 1997 is the highest score in men’s ODI cricket for over a decade. This opener and one of Pakistan Best Batsmen also made it to the ODI team of Wisden back in the 1990s. 

Zaheer Abbas 

  • Ranking: 2nd (931 points) 
  • 2572 runs, 62 ODIs 

One of the top-order Pakistan Batsmen, Abbas is acclaimed for his effortless play and elegance. He seems to have an insatiable appetite for scoring runs, as you will know from his ODI average of 47.62. It is pretty magnificent by modern standards, and during his time, it was extraordinary. He got inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame in 2000. Touted as the ‘Asian Bradman,’ he is rightfully regarded as one of the greats of all time.  

Babar Azam 

  • Ranking: 21st (865 points) 
  • 3808 runs, 80 ODIs 

Azam is one of the finest multiformat players in modern cricket. As such, his record in ODIs is impressive. You might question his induction into Pakistan vs West Indies Series 2021 because of the strike rate of 88.70. However, the fact that he scored 13 centuries in eighty matches showcases the level of consistency he has on the pitch. He is considered one of Pakistan Best Batsmen 2021 and beyond. 

Azam’s cover drive is simply exquisite to watch. The way he plays by the techniques and still manages to win shows that classic styles and techniques still have a place in modern cricket. For more updates for all matches follow Pure Win news.  

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