The Pakistani Skipper Who Surpassed Kohli’s Ranking

Babar Azam, the Pakistani skipper, has become the top ODI batsman in the ICC ODI rankings on April 14, 2021. He surpassed Virat Kohli and reached the top spot with 865 points. The Indian skipper now comes a pretty close second with 857 points. Babar now leads the points table by eight points, and his current performances make him pretty comfortable at that spot. Rohit Sharma comes third on the ODI Ranking List. 

The Ascend Of Azam On The Points Table 

Kohli reigned at the number one spot from August 2017 to April 2021, which is about 1,258 days. Azam was a rising star of the Under-10 World Cup back in 2010-12. He started playing the ODIs in 2015, and rose to the top as the second highest scorer in the recent ODI series played against South Africa. This right-handed batsman has scored 228 runs and had the highest score of 103. 

Kohli’s supremacy at the top existed for at least three years. In fact, by getting this rank, Azam has followed the suite of his compatriots like Zaheer Abbas (1983-1984), Javed Miandad (1988-1989), and Mohammad Yousuf (2003) as the World No 1 ODI batsman. When it comes to tests, Azam has the fifth position on the points table and is presently ranked sixth. He is third in T20Is, though he has been at the top there in the past. 

Another Rising Star In The Horizon 

Fakhar Zaman, the Pakistani left-handed batsman, is another rising star in the horizon who is getting all the attention. He has reached the seventh best place in this career after the astounding innings he played against South Africa. Thereby, he hit two-centuries, which included a 193 run knock out that ended with the tally of 302 runs in this series.  

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