The Legendary Racecourse in India

Horse racing is amongst the finest legacies of British Colonialism in India. After the departure of the British, horse racing became the most popular sport amongst Indian Royals and elite businessmen. The racecourses in India are a perfect reminder of the magnificence of the era gone by. India has a total of nine well-established racetracks. The Kolkata Race Course is the largest and the most luxurious racing ground in India.  

The Kolkata Race Course

The Kolkata Race Course in West Bengal was built by the British to promote horse riding in India. It is the biggest racecourse in India. Royal Calcutta Turf Club (RCTC) maintains the racecourse. It is a well-maintained course and showcases the city’s grand and majestic side. The polo ground next to the racecourse is considered one of the best grounds in the country. 

History of the Kolkata Race Course

The Kolkata Race Course was built in 1820 with the intent of providing recreation to the elite class of the city. It was a member’s only club, and entry was not open to the general public until 1880. RCTC was originally home to a prominent Armenian merchant, Mr. Apcar, and his family.

Horse Racing Schedule

Horse racing is divided into two seasons: The summer season and the monsoon season. The races are hosted mostly on Saturdays during the season, and some are held on weekdays. Sometimes, the races are also organized on public holidays and special occasions. 

The Kolkata Race Course is beaming with action during the season. You can even spot prominent businessmen and celebrities amongst the many spectators. The beautifully maintained garden and well-manicured greens make for a breath-taking view. 

Racing Schedule

The upcoming schedule for the races planned at the Kolkata racecourse for October is mentioned below:

Date  Day 
1st October  Friday
5th October Tuesday
8th October Friday
16th October Saturday 
24th October Sunday
29th October Friday


Popular Race Courses in India

Some of the other popular racing courses are mentioned below: 

Mahalaxmi Race Course

Spread across 225 acres, Mahalaxmi Racecourse is situated in the heart of Mumbai city. It is run by Royal Western India Turf Club.

Pune Race Course

Located in the Pune cantonment area, the Pune Racecourse is spread across an area of 118.5 acres. It is run by Royal Western India Turf Club.

Guindy Race Course

Guindy Racecourse is one of the oldest racecourses in the country. It was set up in 1777 and hosted many events in the winter season. It is run by Madras Race Club.

Ooty Racecourse

Situated in the heart of Ooty city, this racecourse was built for the summer races. It is run by the Madras Race Club.

Bangalore Race Course

Bangalore Race Course is located in Bangalore and is considered one of the best courses in the country. It is managed by Bangalore Turf Club. 

Mysore Race Course

Mysore Race Course is also affiliated with the Bangalore Turf Club. It is placed in the heart of the city and is spread across an area of 152 acres. 

Horse racing is a well-established sport in India. Since horse race betting is legal in India, many betting enthusiasts follow the sport religiously. During the season, the creme de la creme of the country can be spotted cheering for their favorite horse in the racecourse. 

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