The Hundred Match: Liam Livingstone 50 Hits Led Birmingham Phoenix T20 Win Over The Trent Rockets

Birmingham Phoenix rose to the top in the men’s hundred tables after winning over Trent Rockets at Trent Bridge.

Liam Livingstone scored 50 off 30 balls while Miles Hammond smashed 38 off 20, leading Phoenix to a 166-6 win over Rocket’s 150-9 by 16 runs. Liam Livingstone took the new position as Phoenix new skipper during Moeen Ali absence. His performance at the match made him the top-performer and ensured his team was the Trent Rockets vs Birmingham Phoenix Match Winner.

Trent Rockets lost Dawid Malan and Alex Hales (13) over to the debutant Dillon Pennington 2-11. Dillon Pennington got two wickets after Trent Rockets dropped in reply to 28-3 

Steven Mullaney smashed 49 off 33 for the rockets, ensuring he gave the Rockets a chance before his fall to Pat Brown, who took 3-27 and denied Mullaney a 50 due to the boundary catch made by Tom Helm.

In The Hundred T20 schedule, Birmingham Phoenix overtook Southern Brave in the lead while the Trent rockets remained in the third position. Furthermore, Trent Rockets 150 score in The Hundred Series is their highest performing score in the tournament. 

The match on Friday saw it become the first team in the hundred’s to score 200. And just for a little bit, it almost seemed like Birmingham Phoenix could lead to that landmark again on 90-1 after only 55 balls. 

Trent Rockets may have rivaled the Phoenix, but Liam Livingstone’s game-winning hit demonstrated the difference. What was observed in the game is that some of the players performed very well under pressure; this is inclusive of Liam Livingstone.

Liam Livingstone Lights-up the field

Livingstone was moving towards a fourth six off Samit Patel when Steven Mullaney brilliantly skipped the rope and moved back to make the parry-catch movement that is currently familiar and very impressive.

Having been given the captain position during Moeen Ali’s absence, Liam Livingstone did not crumple against the new responsibilities. Instead, he performed splendidly.

No matter the challenges, whether it was a powerful punch or a top edge in the game, Livingstone found a way to stay on top of his game and find the boundary. Livingstone’s knocks were; four fours and three sixes. Furthermore, Livingstone became the second-highest player as a run-scorer in The Hundred series.

Mullaney’s Attempts in Vain

Mullaney, the Trent Rockets player, gave the game his best as he tried to make Phoenix work very hard for the win using his bat and in the field, but his efforts were in vain.

At 57-4 the Rockets were in trouble. Spinner Imran Tahir bowled Samit Patel, leaving the Rockers in a bad position. Seeing this, Mullaney took charge, hitting three-sixes and two-fours. But in spite of the loss, Mullaney’s character and grit will encourage Trent Rockets.

Dillion Penington’s Debut

Dillion Penington, 22, was this year’s debutant cricketer. He was out and ready to make a name for himself in the men’s Hundred. 

Pennington’s first victim in the game was Alex Hales, the best explosive white-ball cricketer, and his second was Dawid Malan, the top-ranked T20 batsman in the world. Get all the latest sports news including tennis, cricket, table tennis, olympics and football only on Pure Win News.

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