Nepal vs. Papua New Guinea 2nd ODI: Nepal won by 151 Runs.

During the 2nd One Day International between Papua New Guinea and Nepal, the match provided unexpected results. PNG was hammered by Nepal and took the entire game to an end during the 19th over. Nepal won the 2nd ODI for 151 runs, resulting in them winning the ODI as a whole series. Here, in this article, you will gain some insights about the 2nd ODI between these two teams at Al Amerat Stadium in Oman on September 10th, 2021. 

What Happened During The Match?

During the game’s starting, Nepal chose to bat first, allowing their opposition to take the fielding and bowling. Nepal’s batting order started exceptionally well, and Rohit Paudel contributed heavily to the team by scoring 86 out of 123 deliveries. He also managed to hit two boundaries and three sixes. On the other hand, Gyanendra Malla also contributed well and scored 45 out of the 70 deliveries he played. 

Papua New Guinea, on the other hand, had a strong bowling department. Bowlers like Kabua Morea, Charles Amini, Norman Vanua picked up two wickets each and could destroy Nepal’s batting order. On the other hand, Chad Soper took 3 wickets and bowled brilliantly for the team. 

But things started to go downhill for PNG when it was their turn to bat. Even though their bowling and fielding were good, their batting department failed to perform well. They continued to lose wickets after the departure of Tony Ura was dismissed due to a run-out. Nepal’s Sandeep Lamichhane took up 6 wickets, which crowned him as the Man of the Match of that series.  

Ending Note

Papua New Guinea didn’t perform well in the two ODIs against Nepal. Nepal did manage to win the entire series and successfully gained a victory against their opposition. Pure Win News is the ultimate destination for Sports news for fans from around the World. 

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