Kohli vs. Babar: India vs. Pakistan Face-off Creates a Huge Buzz at T20 World Cup 2021

The long-awaited moments of battle have finally arrived. India and Pakistan have been slotted in the identical T20 world cup group and will clash with each other in an exciting 12 match of the Men’s T20 World Cup scheduled to be held this year in UAE and Oman, stated by the ICC this Friday.

After a long wait of two years when the arch-rivals squared off in the World Cup 2019, India and Pakistan are all set to face each other again at the global event of the T20 world cup 2021.

As everyone noticed, both of these teams couldn’t enjoy playing any bilateral series. The match fixtures are solely restricted to the ICC tournaments. It has added to the huge hype by the fans all around the world. Both teams faced off against each other in every ICC tournament ever since the world cup 2011, where Pakistan has defeated India only once.

Twitter is flooded with expressions from fans for this fierce battle to take place this year. The news of the ICC Men T20 India vs. Pakistan match is an exciting moment for both nations and their fans.

India always had the upper hand over Pakistan in the ICC tournaments. India claimed its winning streak and dominance with a scoreboard of 7 against 0. After the last face-off in the 2016 T20 world cup, both teams are set for the battle on the ground in the ICC Men T20 world cup.

Under the captaincy of Babar, Pakistan is ready to break India’s winning streak and eliminate its dominance over the ICC tournaments. Under the captaincy of Kohli, India is practicing hard to keep their dominance against the team in T20 format.

The excitement of fans for Kohli vs. Babar on Twitter and other social media platforms is quite visible and inevitable.

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