JP Duminy Was Appointed Head Of The Lions’ Batting Department For The 2021/22 Term

For the 2021- 2022 season, leaders of the Lions cricket have decided to name JP Duminy, the former South Africa International, as the head coach of the batting division. JP Duminy, appointed by the Lions, will be coaching for the first time since his career as a cricket player. 

Having kept themselves from the franchise scene, the lions solely represent the Gauteng province in the new two-tier system. The team will now receive the services of Piet Botha, former Warriors coach, Prasanna Agoram, former national team analyst, and Jimmy Kgamadi, former North-west player. Piet will be the bowling coach, while Prasanna will be bulking up a backroom staff. Kgamadi and Gwavu will be working exclusively with the men’s provincial side. 

Meanwhile, JP Duminy coaches, Botha, and Agoram have been contacted to the province for the whole pipeline, involving women’s and age-group teams. Even after the changes, Wandile Gwavu, the coach of the Lions for the last two seasons, will continue to serve his role.

JP Duminy has had a fifteen-year international career. He retired from Test cricket in 2017 and from white-ball cricket after the 2019 World Cup. Since then, he has been involved in the commentary for various International and league matches, the most recent one being the PSL which is still going on. 

For Agoram, he worked with the national men’s team for 11 years before retiring in January 2021. He was replaced by Rivash Gobind, who had joined the team during the tour of Pakistan. However, South Africa did not precisely state why they had to part ways with Agoram, but it seems they needed to give the analyst position to local candidates. Although, he remains to be highly regarded in South Africa, as the Lions team has shown, even if he is from India. Lions CEO Jono-Leaf Wright says they have secured Prasanna Agoram as the cricketing world’s number one High-Performance Manager. 

South Africa’s home cricket team will play under another system than the one that was set in 2004/5 in the 2021/22 season. Rather than a six-group franchise rivalry and 14-group provisional set-up, the establishment has been suspended, and 14 areas are separated into two levels. Regions in every level contend in four-day and one-day cricket, while a T20 competition as the Mzansi Super League is expected to happen. 

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