Mumbai IndiansMI 14 7 7 0
Chennai Super KingsCSK 14 9 5 0
Royal Challengers BangaloreRCB 14 9 5 0
Delhi CapitalsDC 14 10 4 0
Punjab KingsPK 14 6 8 0


Player Innings Runs
Virat Kohli 191 6076
Shikhar Dhawan 183 5577
Suresh Raina 195 5491
Rohit Sharma 202 5480
David Warner 148 5447

ICC Discerns That T20 Will Be the Best Format for the Los Angeles Olympic Games 2028

The only time cricket was played in the Olympics was in 1900 AD. The International Cricket Council (ICC) hopes to put a lot of effort into including cricket in the Los Angeles Olympics. The Los Angeles Olympics will be held in 2028. The ICC is looking forward to the suggestions of the International Olympic Committee regarding the formats of cricket that can be employed in the game. Although ICC feels that T20 is the most appropriate format for the Olympic Games, it is open to any suggestions about the match formats such as ODI’s. 

The ICC has formed a committee called the Olympic Working Group. The Olympic Working Group will oversee the induction of cricket in the Olympic Games 2028. The committee’s chairmen are Paraag Marathe, the USA cricket chief, English board chief Ian Watmore, and Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo Inc.

In a podcast on Sport Unlocked, USA Cricket chief Paraag Marathe mentioned that 106 ICC member nations agree with the idea of including cricket as a part of the Olympic Games. He also explained how the T20 format worked well with the timings ranging for roughly three hours. T20I is the shortest format in cricket on the international level. It can be concluded that T20 is the best format as IPL is a very great example.

Diving into a bit of history, the France Olympics in 1900 saw only two participants, the host and Great Britain. The game didn’t get included in the Olympics due to a lack of participants. That will not be an issue anymore as cricket has fans and players all over the world.

Great Britain and France were spectacular, with Great Britain emerging as the victors with 158 runs. If the ICC is successful, then cricket will be in the Olympics after 128 years. Stay tuned for more sports news updates about your favorite team and players.

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