India vs. England Head-to-Head Records

The 1932 match between England and India was the beginning of an interesting IND vs. ENG tug of war in the following years. After 20 years of playing, since India and England played their maiden match, India has managed to register their first Test win in 1952, which was against England. Throughout their matches, India has never been so lucky to record as many wins as England. However, in 1971, they managed to record their first series win.

After the 1971 win, India had begun registering wins after another against England consistently. Both the teams have grown to establish their own fortresses in their homes. India’s last away victory was in 2007, while England had their historic win in 2012. India vs. England records date back to 120 occasions when they each met in the Test match series. According to the head-to-head records, England has had more wins compared to India. England has recorded 48 wins, whereas India has only recorded 29 wins.

Up until the 1960s, England has always displayed a superior undefeatable streak that has always played a significant role in recording wins against India. However, over the recent years, the two competing teams have had it close with each other as no one wants to lose to the other. In total, India vs. England test match records shows that they have played 126 matches where India has won 29 games, England, on the other hand, has won 48 matches. Both teams have had 49draws with zero results or a tie or anyone going home without effects.

While playing in India, the two teams have played 64 matches where India won 22 games, and England won only 14 matches. However, the teams were able to draw 28 games with nil tie records or any team going home without results. On the other hand, while playing in England, the two teams have played a total of 62 matches, with India winning only seven games and England winning 34 matches. Surprisingly enough, they had 21 draws with a nil tie record or a team going home without results.

From the head-to-head records, it is evident that both the teams have been resilient when it comes to home matches. Since the beginning of India vs. England ODI records, the two teams have had their struggles when playing away from home. For example, in the last matches that took place in India, the visiting team had a tough time with the owners. Similarly, when India toured England, they found it hard to win against England in their own compound.

In the IND vs. ENG Test series, the following players have scored the most runs, being led by Sachin Tendulkar, who have played 32 matches between the periods of 1990-2012. He scored 2535 runs and seven centuries, giving him a score of 193. The second player is Sunil Gavaskar, who has won 2483 runs in 38 matches between 1971-1986. His score is higher than that of Sachin; he had 263. On the other hand, James Anderson has recorded the highest number of wickets at 118 with four-wicket hauls.

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