India vs. England 2021: The Combined best XI of the Test Series

India will face England in a 5 match Test series. Although the India team is on a break, they will come together for a pre-game Test camp. In addition, they are going to play friendly matches for preparation. The two teams lost in their preceding matches; India lost to Newzealand and England to Kiwis. As the teams are preparing to play one other, here is a combined India-England Test XI.

1. Rohit Sharma

England is limited in batting, and this makes Rohit the best batsman of the series. Rohit has an outstanding aggregate of 46.18 after 39 Tests. Nevertheless, the India vs. England series can be a great time for his Test career after a mediocre display in the series.

2. Joe Root (Middle Order)

Joe Root is in second place because he is the best batsman on England’s side. He got the chance before Cheteshwar in the combined XI. The reason behind it is Pujara has been out of practice in the last several months. Joe scored a double hundred versus India in his 100th Test. However, he has not been amongst the big runs in the longer formats. Even so, he did make a couple of ’40s in the Lord Test.

3. Rory Burns

England player Burns has had a middling Test career. His average after 25 Test games is 33.23. But, surprisingly, he was the most reliable batsman in the upsetting series versus Newzealand. Rory’s scores were 132 and 81, and this gets him to open the India vs. England Test match.

4. Virat Kohli

Although he has not had a hundred in a while, he still deserves no.4.He is going to lead the combined XI as a captain. He did well in the opening innings of the WTC final but failed to make it to the end. Nevertheless, he did an excellent job during the India England tour in 2018.

5. Ajinkya Rahane

England has inexperienced middle-order such as Ollie and Dan Lawrence. Recently his performance has been mediocre, and he doesn’t appear worthy to be on the combined XI. But with the inexperienced middle order in England, Rahane appears to be a better choice.

6. Rishabh Pant

The contest for the wicketkeeper slot was a hard tussle. Both players are winners with their bats in the games they play. However, Pant play and his current form have seen him get selected in the combined XI. He has made runs anywhere he has played and has a Test century in England as well.

7. Ben Stokes

Ravindra is one of the greatest all-rounders in the world in all formats. But if a decision were to be made, Stokes would win at any given time. The reason is that he can adapt easily; hence he can deliver no matter the circumstances. That’s why he has featured in the India vs. England 2021 combined XI team.  

8. Ravichandran Ashwin

Ravichandran is the most qualified of all the bowlers in both camps. He showed he is worthy in Australia, at home versus England. Ashwin also dazzled the world in the WTC final. In addition, his batting tempo is back as well.

9. Stuart Broad

Stuart was the greatest bowler in the series Versus New Zealand. Also, he will be one of the fastest players in the combined XI. Due to his fantastic record, that’s why he kept out India’s fast bowlers.

10. James Anderson

Recently James declared 1000 first-class wickets in a country match. He also picked seven wickets in that Innings. So be sure he will be in most combined XIs in the coming years, leave alone India vs. England Test match.  

11. Mohammed Shami

The competition was between Ishant, Bumrah, and Mohammed for the third seamer slot. Bumrah has been out of form in recent years, while Ishant has been in and out of injury. It left Mohammed the top contender because he has been delivering results.

The list might have left out some of the players you thought were deserving. But, on the other hand, it has balanced everything by picking them as per performance. Get all the latest sports news including tennis, cricket, table tennis, olympics and football only on Pure Win News.

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